Why switch?

So, I have PF2E subscription and I receive all of the books and all of the PDFs and I paid for all of them already. Why would I want to pay for everything again in Demiplane? I am legitimately trying to figure out a way to justify this to my girlfriend who asked me just this question.

This is a great question, and one that I’m happy to answer!

I will start by noting that there are some people who may find that Demiplane isn’t the right set of tools for them, and that’s okay.

As I think about it, there are several reasons why a Pathfinder player might choose to use Demiplane:

  1. Ease of Access. There are a lot of rules to keep track of in Pathfinder 2e- It’s part of what many players love about the system. Building and managing characters is simple, you have all the books at your fingertips, and you can access anything you want, on any device, from anywhere in the world.
  2. User Experience. No matter how much a tool can do, there’s no point if it’s impossible to figure out. We have built Pathfinder NEXUS to be more than just any set of tools; they’re easy to use. We don’t make you search around for important information like what a spell or item can do, we present it to you directly. In the books, in our rules compendiums, and on your character sheet. The information is easy to find so you can get back to gaming. This is especially helpful for new players, in my experience.
  3. Time Saving. This is tied to both 1 and 2, but many of us are very busy and having a tool that saves you time is a huge benefit. I made a level 2 character last week for a one shot using a class I’d never played before and was ready to go in about 8 minutes, including spell selection. If I was using pencil and paper, that would have taken me at least twice as long.
  4. The Platform. Demiplane offers tools for many games, and we’re announcing more publishing partners regularly. We also offer matchmaking where you can find groups online that have the same playstyle as you. Demiplane is going to become a hub for tabletop roleplaying games of all different types, which means you could have all your games in one convenient location. Whether you play online or in-person, Pathfinder, ALIEN, Marvel, or something else, you can do it all in one place, which is just convenient.

I know others have their own reasons, and maybe some of our community members will share the benefits they’ve found to be most convincing, but that’s why I think it’s worth investing in Demiplane: Because our tools make it easier than ever to play the games you love any time and anywhere you want. :slight_smile:

I will note that since you own all of the PDFs in your Paizo account, you will receive a deep discount on any titles you do purchase on Demiplane when you connect your account using Paizo Connect. And if there are any books you don’t see that discount for, submit a support ticket and we’ll make sure you get that discount you deserve!