Will the other classes be available when purchasing the new player core book on nexus?

So i noticed there is a very small selections of classes to start when building on the character builder, but i dont want to buy yet another player handbook but i will buy the new pocket edition of the updated one when it comes out. My question is will it come with a digital code for nexus or am I going to have dish out yet another 50 bucks to play something i should’ve been able to play in the first place

Unfortunately there is not currently a way to gain access to the digital books on the NEXUS with the purchase of a physical book.

If you own PDF copies of the books in your Paizo account, you can take advantage of our Paizo Connect discount to get the books on Demiplane with a deep discount. :slight_smile:

The only way to get a copy of the PDF with the Physical book is to have a supscription on Paizo’s site. Otherwise they are different products. I’m not sure the poket edition is available in subscription, you’d have to ask Paizo about the details

I learned this the hard way too