Will there be sales, like Humble Bundles?

I own quite a few of Paizo’s sourcebooks on Paizo.com. It would be nice to get them on Demiplane, but even with the discount I get for already owning it, the ~$20/book is far more expensive than it’s worth to me.

Any chance there might be bundles like previous Paizo Humble Bundles, where you plunk down like $50-$100 and get a bunch of books at a heavily discounted rate?

If so, is there any way to get notified of that sort of thing?

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In addition to our existing bundles (Ultimate, Rulebooks, Adventure, etc.) and the Paizo Connect discount, we will periodically do other types of promotions. The best place to keep up with that is to follow us on our social media platforms, as we’ll announce any special promotional deals there. :slight_smile: