Will you be supporting Changeling the Dreaming in the future?

Hello there oh great and powerful gaming gods (that’s Game Organizational Directors xD) . Yep I am going to be that person, because there is always a Changeling person in every roleplay group. To see if there are plans for supporting Changeling 20th Anniversary Edition. I love the other settings for the World of Darkness but Changeling is my hands down fav and I know there are a few closet Changeling fans out there.

Just hoping for inclusion and support for the Change(ling-curious) fans.
I hope that all is well!
That Weird and Quirky dude

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Possibly. I think more Nexus will be coming eventually, but not until Pathfinder Nexus is finished so it might be a while.

Looks like it might be coming. It only mentions Vampire: The Masquerade, Hunter: The Reckoning and Werewolf: The Apocalypse at the moment, but I’d imagine it will expand.

We would love to do them all, but we have no details at this stage. We’ll shout it from the rooftops if we do though!