Will you be supporting Starfinder in the future?

Pathfinder 1e needs love on the Nexus

Anything new yet gang on Starfinder?



Still hoping for some good news on this front as its nice your doing other systems but those so far I don’t get into,.

So again, Starfinder please :slight_smile:


+1 for Starfinder. Please.

I would love a Nexus for Starfinder as well. I feel like it would bring a lot more attention to it considering the success of D&D with D&D Beyond and I am extremely excited for the Pathfinder Nexus’s character creation to be available.

Put me down for Starfinder Nexus also :+1:

Almost a full year now since I posted this, kinda bummed still no news besides Demi now has the rights/access from Paizo to do this, if they choose to.

All the other new game systems after PF II are ones I will most likely never run, maybe Aliens as I have GMed a few games before on Roll20, but…


As I’ve shared in several other places, we would like to do Starfinder at some point, but it is not on the short term roadmap.

I completely understand that you would rather see Starfinder than some of the other games that are actively being worked on right now, but fans of those other games might not agree with you there!

We plan to do Starfinder, and its priority will be based on the demand that we see in the community alongside the demand we get for all the other games we plan to support. Posts such as yours certainly contribute to that, so we appreciate you checking in with us. We’ll share Starfinder news once we have it.



Yep yep BE, just making sure you don’t forget us Starfinders in the mix of what all is going on. I am assuming here that once the base character sheets are up, first for Pf II then the other systems then perhaps more people will have more time to start doing other projects, or so I hope :slight_smile:



Might have been a hint of “we will see in 2023 for Starfinder” in last weeks Twitch stream, so here’s hoping fellow Starfinders!!!



Put me in for buying every starfinder product on Demiplain when the time comes.

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All of us need to keep making noise so Demiplane can commit resources to get it done. They need our help to make it happen.

Can I ask if there is a centralized place where it would be good to add our voice to such a request?

This is as good of a place as any - we see it all.


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Ok in which case I would say that I would love to have both starfinder and PFe1 on here.