Winter's Teeth & A Request

First off, thank you SO MUCH for all your hard work on this - the tools are absolutely amazing!

I know you have plans of adding some of the older books, but I was wondering a bit about the Black Sheep childe: Winter’s Teeth. There are actually a few discipline powers in it I’d love to see added to Demiplane, but I know it’s not…exactly…a sourcebook, lol.

However, here’s the list of powers that are only available in Winter’s Teeth:

  • Shape the Sanguine Sacrament: Winter’s Teeth #3 / Book of Nod Apocrypha, page 33
  • Magnum Opus: Winter’s Teeth #3
  • Obdurate: Winter’s Teeth #3

And several Thin Blood Alchemies, listed as found on Winter’s Teeth, Page 10 (I’m not sure which issue, this info is directly from Paradox’s Wiki)

  • Gaoler’s Bane
  • Red’s Flaming Hot Sauce
  • Stay the Falling Sand
  • Hollow Leg

Speaking of Discipline Powers! My suggestion from using the Game Rules > Powers section a lot would be to separate Blood Sorcery Powers and Blood Sorcery Rituals into separate search filters - the same with Oblivion and its Ceremonies.

Again, thank you so much!!


For that matter, there are several loresheets that come from random sources that are NOT complete books. Besides the Winter’s Teeth comics, there are lore sheets in associated products that would be great to have.

Temple of Boom
Stories of the Daughters
Road Courier (from “Night Road”)
Amanda Chastain (from “Out for Blood”)
Sheriff Qui (from “Parliament of Knives”)
The Parthenon Troupe (from “Sins of the Sires”)
The Hartford Chantry (from “Boston by Night”)
The Boston Camarilla (from “Boston by Night”)

And of course there’s stuff like “Forbidden Religions” and “The Book of Nod: Apocrypha”, “Let the Streets Run Red”, etc.

I know it’s not on Demiplane that these things are scattered about. Heck, it’s not even on Renegade to be honest, but here is my thought:

The prospect of having access to EVERYTHING “Vampire: The Masquerade” is a leading feature that brought many of us TO Demiplane and the Nexus. A lot of these are just a page, at most two, and were given away or as part of products like Digital Novels (like “Night Road”), Video Games (“Swan Song”), or other “Bonus Content”. If Demiplane were to reach out to the folks at Paradox and get access/permission to put this stuff into the Nexus, it would make Demiplane THE DEFINITIVE SOURCE for Vampire: The Masquerade. No more digging through Drivethru or old Kickstarters or message boards to find it; everything would be right here.

Pretty please?

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We would absolutely love to have every piece of VtM 5th edition available on Demiplane! No guarantees on what we can or can’t add, but these requests and discussions are absolutely happening.


As much as I would love to have them built-in, I think, for the “non-book” data, we will likely need to wait for “homebrew” and add the ones we want to use in our Chronicles.

The thing is, it’s NOT homebrew at all. It’s officially published material that’s scattered across the internet in things like art books, pamphlets, and free downloads of OTHER products. Frankly, it’s a really messy release strategy, similar only to when White Wolf released special LARP rules in their quarterly LARP magazine that people wanted but didn’t find a place in another supplement. Imagine if D&D or Pathfinder released rules for a Dwarves but ONLY in the last page of an art book for Baldur’s Gate or something.

It’s a pain, but if you go to the main source of approval (Paradox), and they have all of this material, it would be a major win for both customers/fans, and Demiplane if this all was made available via the one “official” digital partner.

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I don’t disagree at all. But I doubt it will happen. Hence, my trepidation and suggestion for using the custom data entries, aka, “homebrew”.