WItch Dedication feats behaving strangely

I am making a character for an IRL campaign, a cleric of Pharasma with the witch dedication.
But, when I selected the basic lesson and greater lesson witch feats with basic and advanced witchcraft, and two strange things happened on the character editor:

  • For the Basic Witchcraft, which I selected Basic Lesson, I was presented with every single available feature, including base class feats and others such as “2nd-level spells”:
  • For advanced witchcraft, I was not able to select any options, as none were presented (would include image but was not allowed due to new user)

Is there any known solution for this?

character link: https://app.demiplane.com/nexus/pathfinder2e/character-sheet/3ba65394-46c0-4220-a092-add70395f228

Second image:

Thanks for reporting this! Our team will take a look. :slight_smile:

This should be resolved. Could you please go take a quick look and confirm that everything is working correctly now on your end? :slight_smile:

Aye, it all works now! Thank you very much!

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