Witch Focus Pool seems wrong

I have built a witch (remastered) and he has 3 focus spells (cackle, patron’s puppet, needle of vengeance), but only one focus point available in the pool.

Hello mtakatz! You gain more focus points (up to 3) from certain feats, so it is definitely possible to have more focus spells than points. If you can share a link to your character, I’d be happy to take a look and see if there are any missing focus points based on the feats your character has.

No. Any feat that grants a focus spell also grants a focus point, up to 3.

Page 183 of Player core: “The maximum Focus Points your focus pool can hold
is equal to the number of focus spells you have”

This isn’t ambiguous.

Edit: page 183 of the PDF, itself page 182 of the document.

Good call! You’re quite right-- I did miss that! It does not include hex cantrips, however. (Or other focus spells that don’t use a focus point, like composition cantrips) (See: “Hex cantrips are special hexes that don’t cost Focus Points, so you can cast them as often as you like, though you can still use only one hex each round. Hex cantrips are in addition to the cantrips you choose with witch spellcasting and aren’t counted toward your prepared cantrips.”)

Needle of Vengeance is a hex cantrip, so wouldn’t give you an additional focus point. However, I agree with you that it looks like you should then have 2 focus points, not 1. (One for Cackle, and one for Patron’s Puppet) Looks like Cackle was the culprit here. I’ve fixed it, and on a refresh of your character I believe you should see the 2 points. If not, try to remove cackle and re-add it.

Thanks for the report!

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Correct but Needle of Vengeance is not a cantrip. Evil Eye is, however.

I’m learning I shouldn’t do rule checks past midnight :wink: I’ll dig in a little more to ensure I address this accurately in the AM!

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Hehe, that’s OK. I’m preparing for an upcoming AP (Season of Ghosts), and I’m playing a witch.

And I’m the GM.

Long story.

Here’s the link if that helps…

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It seems to be better today, with 2 focus points, but it should be 3. I have 4 focus spells. Maybe some of them are incorrectly classified as cantrips?

Howdy again! This should now be resolved. It was a larger issue that needed a bigger fix, which was released today along with the Alchemy and Lore skill updates.

Seems to be, so far, thanks!

Welp, I think it’s still broken, but in the other direction. My 1st level witch has 2 focus spells and 1 cantrip. The cantrip is not supposed to provide a pool point. That means I should have 2 points, but I have 3 instead. Maybe the cantrip IS providing a pool point in error?

Thanks for the report! Can you try now? (You may need to remove it, and re-add it to see the change)

Looks correct! Thanks!

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Glad to hear it! :tada: