Witch hex cantrips consuming focus points when they shouldn't

Created a Witch character with the Nudge Fate hex cantrip. If you click “cast,” it checks off one of your focus points as having been used.

However, Witch Hex cantrips are not supposed to consume focus points - you’re supposed to be able to cast them at will like any other cantrip. This is explicitly stated in the Advanced Player’s Guide on page 98.

Nudge Fate has the “cantrip” tag applied in Nexus as it should, but at present it seems that Nexus automatically consumes a focus point when any spell in the Focus part of the character sheet is used and can’t distinguish between hex cantrips and “leveled” hexes that actually do consume points.

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve passed this along to the team to look at after the long weekend. :slight_smile: