Wizard Domain Card (Book of Tyfar) text correction needed

On the Level 1 Book of Tyfar Domain card, the text of the Wild Flame ability has not been updated to reflect the changes from the v1.3 playtest update. It still shows “Make a Spellcast Roll against up to three enemies very close to you” but should now say “against up to three enemies in melee range of you”

Thanks for the report! The files we were provided with use very close, but we’ve sent an ask to our friends at Darrington Press if there are additional updates we still need to receive!

Hello again! We’ve received a freshly updated file and have updated this and a couple others to match the changes. Thanks for the catch!

Melee is the closest range there is correct? Is that because they wanted to nerf the spell a bit or perhaps (fingers crossed) a mistake?