World of Darkness Nexus Announced!

No ETA yet, but the goal is to have them integrated before the end of the year.

No, that’s not an offering that the World of Darkness team makes available. However, you can purchase the Renegade / Demiplane hardcover / digital bundle for a book during that book’s pre-order period or any other promotion Renegade might do that includes a PDF to get it as usual from them.


So is the toolset functional across multiple platforms such as Fantasy Grounds?

There is no formal integration - if you use Fantasy Grounds and want to use content there, you would pick it up from them.

With that said, getting content on Vampire NEXUS lets you access the content in a format that is more than a PDF anywhere on any device, with no need to have an active session going for a specific VTT. The NEXUS content can be used alongside the VTT of your choice as you play, and there is the potential for more formal integrations down the road.

We’ll share more as we get there, thanks!

So just some quick background, I am currently running a few games via Foundry/Discord. I’d love to bring everything into one silo as it can be a pain onboarding new players. I’ve poked around the tools and have a bit of feature request.

One of the biggest things when it comes to Vampire which I intend to run as a theater of the mind style game is audio (music or background noise like a club for example) and pictures. These two things tend to create a much more immersive experience for players. The challenges I’ve faced online is holding the players attention and I’ve found that these tend to pull them in and anchor them more to the game.

While I don’t think it’s reasonable to store files in Nexus for use I’d love to stream them. I get the kind of undertaking this would be from a technical perspective, it is just a thought I felt I would share.

  • I did see the the share desktop feature and could mix in audio with my mic audio, it would just be so much simpler to click a button and have picture displayed or audio file played.
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Hello, and thanks for posting.

I agree with the sentiment on music and ambient sound. We have some long-term goals to do something in our group playspace. Nothing to share any time in the short-term horizon, but we would love to see something happen. We’ll share more as we get there!

Thanks for the heads up, I look forward to see where things end up.



Hello, quick question…

If I buy the VtM books on Demiplane, are they shareable/referenceable by players in my game if I am the storyteller?



Content Sharing is coming down the pipeline shortly. So while you won’t be able to share anything today, for instance, I expect that we’ll have more news about when that is rolling out soon. :slight_smile:

Does purchasing bundles in WoD work the same as in Pathfinder Nexus?

Yes, they’re functionally the same, just different offerings to account for the different books, but there’s no difference in terms of how they work behind the scenes. :slight_smile:

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