World of Darkness Nexus Announced!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce World of Darkness Nexus - The Official Digital Toolset for World of Darkness tabletop roleplaying games!

World of Darkness Nexus will launch in 2022 - sign up for email updates and to be notified when Early Access is available at

Check out the announcement trailer here: World of Darkness Nexus Announcement Trailer - YouTube

More as we get further down the road!


Super excited for this. I’m a big fan of other digital toolsets, and a long time fan of WOD. To see this coming will be awesome.


Yes!! What a great time to be a WoD player.

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Sure hope the 20th anniversary rules will be supported!

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Very excited about this. Loved to hear the voices from LA by Nights in the intro trailer, Victor Temple, undisputed Baron of the Valley!


I have been on and off interested in World of Darkness ever since I first heard about it, so this should help me learn more about it. I expect more Nexus will be coming fast, this seems like something everyone will want to be part of.

It’s rough getting to the rules you need with how much fluff that the books have in them.
This’ll be a good tool.

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They do seem like they would have a lot of fluff.

Good night @BadEye .

Do you have an estimate of when the alpha or beta will be released?

My group is wanting to buy fantasy grounds, and I’m trying to hold them until Nexus get ready.

Please help me. :laughing:

We appreciate your interest in using the Nexus!

We did just show off some early previews on our Dev Update stream on Tuesday. And while I can’t offer you a concrete timeline, I think we’ll have more updates to share over the next few weeks that may help sway your group to wait until the alpha launches. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you @joshuamsimons . I’ll be waiting.

Best regards.

So, we can buy the starter bundle to access WOD, but do we know if using the full account will require a subscrition, or will have subscritpions? And if so will there be tiers?

Game content you unlock on Vampire NEXUS is one-time buy. That one purchase unlocks the contents of the book throughout the toolset, including the not-yet-released character builder and digital character sheet features.

There will be a Demiplane subscription available in the coming months that will provide platform level benefits like being able to share content you have unlocked with others in your playgroups and more. We will share more details about that soon.

But a fan will have several options to use the digital toolset upon full launch:

  • Free - you will be able to use free content from the VtM Companion, like the Ravnos clan, to create characters, plus other free chronicle-related content that will be added before launch.
  • Unlock Content - you will be able to read, explore, and build and manage several characters with any digital books you unlock with one-time purchases.
  • Subscribe - you will be able to share any content you’ve unlocked with friends and more (full details coming soon).

We’ll keep you posted, thanks!

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hello there, i was wondering if you had a projected date for when the next two books for world of darkness will be coming out?

The target for Chicago by Night and Cults of the Blood Gods is early August - but it’s possible it will happen earlier.

Keep you posted!

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Will keep an eye out. I have all the physical copies of the books, so getting digital copies is a bit painful, but it is getting harder and harder to find a physical group to play with these days.
I am excited to see what comes of this.

Are there plans for a hunger dice roller to be used in conjunction with the voice or video?

We plan to support hunger dice once dice rolling is released for Vampire, yes - it’s on the list!


Great news! Do you have a rough roadmap of other books? I’m particularly interested in Forbidden Religions.

Will downloadable PDFs of the World of Darkness content be available with purchase of the Demiplane versions?