WOTC refugee new to Demiplane, Paizo, and all things pathfinder 2e

I had to break my staff of power in D&D to destroy the Arch Lich Hasbroian and was shunted to a new game system by the explosion. Trying to make contacts in this new world and learn the new game system (to me) Pathfinder 2e so i can help my comrades (players) transition to this same new realm.

Note: i bought the pathfinder core rules a few days ago and have signed up for Demiplane/nexus to take things for a test drive. still learning…


Welcome to the Nexus

If you have time make sure to watch the Dev Update on Twitch TV every Tuesday at 12 PM EST

If you can make it live you can get your questions answered directly.

Also follow the forums there is a lot of help here.


A couple of things: the rules are free online. (Legal). Also, the Reddit channel is actually helpful and nice.

Same boat here :slight_smile: Just joined the Pathfinder community a few days ago, after getting back into TTRPGs for the first time since decades ago. Already love what you’re doing with the character creator, it’s super duper helpful for a complete newbie. Reading the CRB also works fantastically on browser and mobile, so I don’t regret anything yet. Thank you for your work on here!

(And yes, the PF community seems to be incredibly friendly and helpful, be it Reddit, Discord or Forums! Thank all of you as well for the nice welcome.)


I am still relatively new to the game but I love reading about rules and teaching games. If anyone has any questions, let me know, if I don’t know the answer I’ll look it up for you!

Another refugee here, glad to see more folks here as well. The lack of intellectual property turf-wars in the PF2 world has been incredibly refreshing. I grapped several of the main rulebooks during the holiday / opengaming sale, and am digesting rules while watching a lot of youtube videos that go over the differences. There’s a lot to like in PF2, I just hope that a couple of the less experienced folks in my group don’t get overwhelmed by the choices.

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I too failed my OGL save. I have an in-progress 5e campaign that I seriously considered shutting down but I like my players too much.

I’ve already spent close to 25 hours reading and this weekend I’ve spent ~12 hours converting characters and gear over to Pathfinder 2e. It has been a good practical education into the PF2 system. Making sure their characters feel similar has really helped me graduate the school of hard knocks - at least where character building is concerned.

The big changes I have noticed thus far… Attacks of opportunity are uncommon at best, scores of runes make magic weapons and armor magical, rituals conducted by people with knowledge and skills (not magic) that allow resurrections and similar to happen, flat feet can be a real problem, and multi-classing is actually functional.


Idk if you have run a session yet, but, for me, the biggest one is the flexibility of the three action economy. It allows for really dynamic encounters. Another big change is how shields work.

The Aid action/reaction is a big difference too, that third action can sometimes not be obvious; while it’s not an easy thing at low levels it can make a big difference in a fight. I’m still trying to get my head round what can done with it, especially for party members not in melee.
Persistent damage and poison/disease effects were a melon twister too until I set a character on fire and poisoned the rest during a playtest session.
Good luck and have fun with the system!

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Yo, same deal here - I was willing to give WotC another shot but at this point it seems evident to me that there’s no one capable or smart enough to right the ship and get things going in the right direction again. Every interview or new faux pas just shows that there’s either no oversight or the oversight is so lacking in basic sense that you couldn’t ever expect them to make a good decision reliably, and that’s not getting better any time soon lol!

I found a lot of value in the NoNatOne videos explaining the pathfinder classes and things, and I’ve been watching the Rotgut TTRPG over on youtube and it’s a lot of fun.

There’s a current alpha for building character sheets through Demiplane, but someone linked me to an online one called pathbuilder2e - it’s got a web and mobile version on their site and it works really well, I’ve made a character sheet on there and it was very intuitive, I’m not super tech savvy and I figured it out in like 10 minutes so anyone should be able to use it until the Alpha gets finished over here.


Yep pathbuilder is good but I find it works best if you can use it alongside the basic rules and class specs. I had a couple of players think they were clever by using Pathbuilder instead of the pregens the rest of the group took advantage of and they got really arsey when I banned their characters for inappropriate races and backgrounds, or stuff in books I wasn’t using. They’d also neutered their characters by only taking Trained level in as many skills as possible.

Personally, I see tremendous value in going the pen & paper route first. It’s not as hard as it seems, and allows to better understand the mechanics. As a new adopter myself, I’ll do what I can to switch to these tools only later.

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Very valid and I prefer the pen & paper route too, especially with new players. The advantage of the digital apps for more experienced players is bringing the various source content together; there must be at least a dozen books with heritages, backgrounds, classes and archtypes to pick from, not including the adventure specidic stuff.

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And monsters have a lot more available actions to perform during their 3 action turn…

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True, it gives them a lot more flavour.

Which is why kiting as a player is suddenly a very viable tactic, make those mobs burn actions chasing you!

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