Wrong Action Icons for Ready & Release

On the character sheet under basic actions, the ‘Ready’ action is labeled as a free action. According to Player Core P.417 ‘Ready’ requires two actions.
Likewise under basic action the ‘Release’ action is labeled as requires an action. According to Player Core P.417 ‘Release’ is a free action.

Thanks for sharing this, we’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

The entry for “Ready” in the Player Core does not properly list the number of actions required.
it should require 2 actions. Thank you for all that you do!

Hello! Our action game elements don’t currently show that data in the rule element there as an action listing is not currently supported, but they do appear on the sheet:

An action listing and improved display of them as individual ‘game elements’ is planned for the future.

Thank you! I very much appreciate all that you all are doing to help us play our games better. You’re the best!!

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