06/18/24 - Patch Notes: Traits & Errata…with Style

In these regular patches, we’ll be releasing fixes and updates to items on our larger NEXUSes (like Vampire and Pathfinder), and summarizing updates that have been released for smaller NEXUSes in the time since our last update.


  • Updated the rectangular NEXUS images when choosing character creation with no NEXUS set to be more clear what is available vs coming soon.


  • Fixed minor display issues in the listing pages for Gear, Spacecraft Components, and Colonies. You should now see all options in the carousel, and the display table has been adjusted somewhat.
  • Fixed link that resulted in error. (Core Rulebook)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate story card in character sheet. (Destroyer of Worlds, Heart of Darkness)

Avatar Legends

  • Updated the starter set rules to the new official Quickstart, adding new free content to the NEXUS. (link)


  • Updated to Patch 1.4.2, which included updated functionality to Mixed Ancestry in the character builder. See full patch notes here.
  • Fixed a minor display issue in the mobile character builder.

Hunter: the Reckoning

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the NEXUS to sometimes crash when a tooltip was hovered over.

Marvel Multiverse RPG

  • Updated the Core Rulebook to the June 14 errata. See full patch notes on the official website here.
  • Fixed typo in Iron Will trait. (Core Rulebook)
  • Updated the Power Sets compendium page to have different images for most Elemental Control sets. Earth and Sound will be changed in a future update. Additionally, search is now enabled for this compendium page!


NEXUS / Compendium

  • Added the free Traits listing, and fixed issue with duplicates appearing within.
  • Updated the Skill Checks & DC rule listing to prioritize the reference table.
  • Updated Rage of Elements with missing errata for Rain of Rust and Winter Sleet.

Character Tools

You may need to remove a selection and re-add it to your character to see the new options.

  • Improved Versatile Blasts Kineticist feat. This should now add the new damage type to the dropdown of your Kinetic Blast action and in the detailed damage breakdown in the sidebar. (Rage of Elements)
  • Rain of Rust: Added missing errata. (Rage of Elements)
  • Winter Sleet: Added missing errata (Rage of Elements)
  • Clever Improviser: Your opinion wanted! The remaster version has been set to Add Note to actions, while the legacy version targets skills. In the future we hope to have improved targeting of skill actions, but in the short-term, which approach do you find more useful? (Player Core, Core Rulebook)
  • Beginner Box +1 items have had their display names adjusted to push the + to the end, allowing for better sorting and discovery.
  • Lingering Composition: Fixed issue where this spell was erroneously appearing in the action pane. (Player Core)
  • Reinforcing Rune: Fixed an issue preventing this rune from being added to a shield. The thing it was made for. D’oh! (Player Core)
  • Heal: Added a dropdown for Heal’s roll that allows you to pick the two action version (d8+8, scaling) to automatically roll. (Player Core, Core Rulebook)
  • Fixed an issue where witch dedication characters were receiving faulty familiars. We’ve let your dedication pay off, and now those should have the right number of abilities per day. (Player Core, Core Rulebook)
  • Fixed an issue preventing Medium and Large awakened animals from getting the proper amount of HP. Get those gains! (Howl of the Wild)
  • Updated the Staff of Fire, Splint Mail, Drazmorg’s Staff, Lawbringer’s Lasso, Gray Maiden Plate, Necklace of Knives, Dagger of Eternal Sleep, Final Blade, and Twining Staff to function better with their unique ‘base’ items and runes. (Various books)
  • All magical staves should now also function as the staff weapon, as intended. (Various books)

Vampire: the Masquerade

  • Fixed incorrect tooltips in Children of the Blood.

Why the change?

With the new cache improvements, we don’t want to break your character’s cache on larger NEXUSes as frequently as we make small improvements and fixes. Instead, we’ll push them all at once on a regular cadence, so that you keep your improved load-times for longer! Read more here .

I noticed a problem!

Thanks for your eagle eyes! Please post about it in the sub-forum for that toolset at your leisure. If it’s a quick fix, we’ll get it in our next patch. Otherwise, we’ll make sure it gets to the right team member for deeper work.



We just pushed an additional hot-fix that corrects an issue where magical shields in Pathfinder 2e were either not using the hardness and HP/BT of their base shield, or were not using the new values that the magical version grants.

This should also fix previously reported issues with the Bloodroot Shield, and Sapling Shield.

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