Update Notes 6/3/2024 & 6/6/2024 - New Round of Performance Improvements

Hello everyone!
Today we released the foundation for several performance improvements that we will be rolling out these next few weeks.

We expect there will be some improvements for users in this initial release. Additional, more obvious improvements will be coming down the road. Please let us know either here in the forums or in Discord if anything seems odd.

Until our paths cross again!
The Demiplane Team


We’re excited to share that the performance updates are now active across all systems!

From now on, when you initially load a character (or load for the first time after an update for that NEXUS’ character tools), your character will be cached in our system. When you update your character, whether that be adding cool new items, leveling up, taking notes, or just grooving with new theme choices, that cache will be updated. When you load that character again, Demiplane will pull it from the cache to reduce load-times!

When will I have to load a character ‘fully’?

The first time you load a character, and after an update to that game system’s character tool engines. When you do, you’ll see the notice that your character is loading in all of the engines and engine updates with a new loading modal. If you don’t see that modal, your character is likely being pulled from the cache!

How often will there be character engine updates that make me load again?

We’re being extremely conscious of the benefits of our new performance and how that balances with frequent updates. On our smaller character engines, for games like Daggerheart or Avatar Legends, it’s possible those updates happen more frequently as we fix and improve the system, as well as the individal character options within. The load-times for these NEXUSes will remain fast, however!

For our larger systems, such as Pathfinder 2e and Vampire: the Masquerade, we’ll be moving to a patch-style system for updates, to prevent frequently requiring you to load the character updates frequently. We will be doing patch updates on a regular cadence, and posting patch notes here to the forums for you to review the changes when we do. We’ll keep our finger on the pulse of our community as we figure out what the best cadence is going forward!

What if something in Pathfinder or Vampire is broken? Will we have to wait for a patch to see it fixed?

Patch updates will be for content releases (new books!) and for improvements to character options and the toolset. If something is broken for our community, it will be fixed as swiftly and effectively as possible and released in a hot-fix, which will require a character engine update when you next load your character for that NEXUS.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We’re excited for you all to experience these improvements in action!


As a software engineer and a pathfinder fan, I’m pretty excited about these updates. Performance just keeps getting better.

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Love to hear that you’re noticing the improvements! Passing on your words to the dev team. :blue_heart: