06/26/24 - Patch Notes: New Releases and Space Marine Gear

In these regular patches, we’ll be releasing fixes and updates to items on our larger NEXUSes (like Vampire and Pathfinder), and summarizing updates that have been released for smaller NEXUSes in the time since our last update.


  • Fixed broken links and unnecessary tooltips in a large variety of gear / spacecraft component items in the Core Book, Building Better Worlds, Chariot of the Gods, and Colonial Marines Operations Manual. The user experience of these items should be much improved, but Demiplane and Weyland-Yutani carry no liability if use of one of these components ends in: death, dismemberment, suffocation, egg implantation or…


  • Fixed an issue with the Beastbound ranger not giving proper companion improvements based on level of the subclass. Additionally, added drop-down displays for companion improvements to allow full view of the longer features. No more guesswork!


New Releases

  • Released Wardens of Wildwood: Shepherd of Decay
  • Released Equal Exchanges - Tapestry of the Mind
  • Released Demonic Afterparty

NEXUS / Compendium

  • Removed unnecessary duplicate tooltips from Invidiak. (Bestiary 2)

Character Tools

You may need to remove a selection and re-add it to your character to see the new options.

  • Updated the way that we show Senses on the sheet. You should now see your best sense in the on-sheet Perception box, with other senses existing in the sidebar for more details. No longer will you forget that you have darkvision, just because you got low-light vision first! (ALL)
  • Fixed Magus characters being unable to select a Level 18 class feat. (Secrets of Magic)
  • Added improved support for the Elementalist dedication that fixes an issue that was occurring when used with Curriculum Spells. (Secrets of Magic, Rage of Elements)
  • Corrected an error that was preventing Legendary Tattoo Artist from granting Legendary skill training. Truly legendary. (Treasure Vault)
  • Sprites now properly receive low light vision, and their Corgi Mounts no longer show the wrong size or duplicate all of their traits when paired with other familiar-granting abilities. (Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide)
  • Graft Technician should no longer break the Alchemy tab in the builder. We know grafts are a wild new science, but that’s no reason to forget everything! (Howl of the Wild)
  • Fixed an issue where Animists were being granted an additional spell slot at 19th level that they shouldn’t have. We’ll say one of the spirits did it. (War of Immortals Playtest)
  • Fixed an issue with Brilliant Crafter where, after selecting the feat and visiting the sheet, you would have your skill training reduced to Master. That wasn’t very brilliant! (Guns & Gears)
  • Fixed the thunder helm item, which should now work in conjunction with your equipped armor instead of starting a fight. (Cradle of Quartz)
  • Fixed the Skilled and Fast Movement familiar abilities, and added additional helpful text for Fast Movement in the sheet to help you set-up your familiar’s new movement. (Core Rulebook, Player Core)

Why the change?

With the new cache improvements, we don’t want to break your character’s cache on larger NEXUSes as frequently as we make small improvements and fixes. Instead, we’ll push them all at once on a regular cadence, so that you keep your improved load-times for longer! Read more here .

I noticed a problem!

Thanks for your eagle eyes! Please post about it in the sub-forum for that toolset at your leisure. If it’s a quick fix, we’ll get it in our next patch. Otherwise, we’ll make sure it gets to the right team member for deeper work.