Abomination Vaults - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore Abomination Vaults in this thread.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

I wish I could explore Abomination Vaults, but I don’t want to pay double for the same content.

For those of us who have purchased Abomination Vaults for Foundry VTT would it be possible for Demiplane to consider selling PZO2033 to help keep us from paying for generally the same content? According to Paizo you do offer the three volumes in a bundle which is different from PZO2033 that we get with the Foundry VTT version. Sales & Marketing is so fun :grinning:

Thank you for reviewing my question and providing any feedback.

Yeah, I’m afraid the way that the compiled Abomination Vaults compiled product works on the Paizo Connect side, it has really complicated things.

We want to find a good solution for it, but that hasn’t happened yet. We’re still exploring with Paizo, and we’ll share if we’re able to in the future. Thanks for taking the time to post!


I can see this potentially happening also with the Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path for Foundry VTT

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I’ve noticed the Alkenstar Agent and Clockwork Reanimator from Outlaws of Alkenstar are in the Archetypes section of the compendium. I’ve also noticed that the Drow Shootist, Eldritch Researcher, and Ghost Hunter from Abomination Vaults are not. I put that here because I couldn’t find a better thread for it.

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You’re all fast as always.

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The Abomination Vaults: Player’s Guide is now available on Demiplane!

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Hello everyone, I would like to know if the Abomination Vaults that is sold in PFN is the same as the compiled Adventure Path, I think it’s code is PZO2033. It’s the one where its all in one book.

We have all three parts rolled into the Abomination Vaults bundle, or you can purchase each section of the adventure separately. It does contain all of the updates from the compiled AP. :slight_smile: