Abomination Vaults - Support Mega-Thread

Post any issues you discover as you explore Abomination Vaults in this thread.

Thanks for helping us test and fine-tune during Early Access!

I wish I could explore Abomination Vaults, but I don’t want to pay double for the same content.

For those of us who have purchased Abomination Vaults for Foundry VTT would it be possible for Demiplane to consider selling PZO2033 to help keep us from paying for generally the same content? According to Paizo you do offer the three volumes in a bundle which is different from PZO2033 that we get with the Foundry VTT version. Sales & Marketing is so fun :grinning:

Thank you for reviewing my question and providing any feedback.

Yeah, I’m afraid the way that the compiled Abomination Vaults compiled product works on the Paizo Connect side, it has really complicated things.

We want to find a good solution for it, but that hasn’t happened yet. We’re still exploring with Paizo, and we’ll share if we’re able to in the future. Thanks for taking the time to post!


I can see this potentially happening also with the Outlaws of Alkenstar Adventure Path for Foundry VTT

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I’ve noticed the Alkenstar Agent and Clockwork Reanimator from Outlaws of Alkenstar are in the Archetypes section of the compendium. I’ve also noticed that the Drow Shootist, Eldritch Researcher, and Ghost Hunter from Abomination Vaults are not. I put that here because I couldn’t find a better thread for it.

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You’re all fast as always.

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The Abomination Vaults: Player’s Guide is now available on Demiplane!

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Hello everyone, I would like to know if the Abomination Vaults that is sold in PFN is the same as the compiled Adventure Path, I think it’s code is PZO2033. It’s the one where its all in one book.

We have all three parts rolled into the Abomination Vaults bundle, or you can purchase each section of the adventure separately. It does contain all of the updates from the compiled AP. :slight_smile:

Also looking to buy Anomination Vaults after purchasing Foundry bundle on Paizo website. It comes with the PDF and i have ny paizo account linked, but no discount showing up.

Happy to support the site, bought a fair bit of Vampire stuff and Core rules for pathfinder here, would be happy to buy adventures too but if it comes down to a choice between buying on foundry (where I’ll get everything preconfigured to run and save significant prep time) or on here Foundry is gonna win every time.

It’s already a little bit difficult justifying purchases on here when all contents core rules are free on foundry and on Pathbuilder for character generation, my thought process was “well, if I’m getting a discount for buying adventure bundles from my foundry purchases I might as well pay a bit extra to support this site and at some point it could replace pathbuilder with a better UI”

But if that means paying $60 for the pdf and foundry module and then another $60 for the compendium content here then the value proposition drops drastically.

I should add I’m a legendary bundle owner on Beyond and I bought the Legendary Vampire bundle so I am the target audience to an extent, just think you need to be mindful of what else exists in the market already and that the discounts need to be fairly significant for content owned elsewhere to avoid direct comparisons as to what you get here vs what you get for spending the same money on the Foundry bundles.

The broken link with the Abomination Vaults content is due to a limitation with how Paizo Connect works - we have the the Adventure Path organized in its individual adventures instead of the compiled edition, but the API is not set up to handle both circumstances. It doesn’t reflect our intent at all - we just can’t make it work through the API.

The short response -

Submit a support ticket and we’ll get you a code to apply during checkout that applies the discount Paizo Connect would give you if it could handle the compiled case.

Longer version -

Anyone that already owns the non-compiled PDFs for AV would get the Paizo Connect discount just fine, but clearly our intent is not to punish anyone that buys the newer compiled version.

That said, we don’t have the ability to make it work with how Paizo Connect operates, but we are happy to still provide the discount if you own the compiled edition PDF. If you can submit a support ticket with the email associated with your Paizo.com included in the ticket text, we’ll share a discount code you can apply during checkout on Demiplane to give you the same discount.

Quick note - we just released the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix AP, but this time we tried it as a single compiled version (since it was in our back catalog and we had not added it yet). If you previously owned the individual installments for that one, you won’t see the Paizo Connect discounts applied, since the inverse would be in play. Just like with AV, we’re happy to make sure you still get the discount if you submit a support ticket.



There is a similar discussion on Fists of the Ruby Phoenix — Support Megathread - Demiplane Support - Demiplane Forums

joshuamsimonsDemiplane Staff

“We’re doing a test to see which one folks prefer better. Eventually we’ll probably standardize all of the re-released compiled APs, but these being the first two, we decided to do an A/B test to see if the community has an immediate preference.”

The sidequest in Area F25 (book 2) refers to the statue in the Temple of Canker in area F34.

Area F34 doesn’t exist, the area that matches the description is area C34 from book 1.

Thanks, we’ll take a look!

I just wanna info the Demiplane Team that, Line 5 and 6 in the Skills and Feats section suffer under the following Issue:

  1. The Link to Feats doesn’t works.
  2. You can mark stuff in Line 5 or 6, unless you start the marking in either Line 4 or 7.

We’re working on those links. I don’t know what you mean in point two about the line numbers. Could you clarify what you mean by that?

I couldn’t copy bits from Line 5 and 6 without taking stuff from either line 4 or 7.

but many other Lore skills might come into play. As far as good feats to take, Canny Acumen helps to spot (or avoid!) dangers, while feats like Incredible Initiative and Toughness make winning a

Do either is a Chrome OS Flex issue or fixing the links may have fixed it.

Ah, I understand now. Glad it’s fixed!