ALIEN Character Tools Launch, Pathfinder Animals, and Daggerheart Playtest Incoming - 2/29/24 Release Notes

Hello Demiplanars,

Big news today on multiple fronts! If you’d prefer to check out today’s news in video format, you can watch our Dev Update video on YouTube here: YouTube


MU-TH-UR has picked up a signal: The ALIEN character tools have landed! Head on over to ALIEN NEXUS and build your captain, crew member, or cat right now. ALIEN RPG Nexus - Digital TTRPG Toolset

Alongside the character tools release, Heart of Darkness, the last outstanding cinematic scenario has been released, which means you can get the entire ALIEN RPG library on Demiplane.

Pathfinder 2e

Last week, we released support for Animal Companions, Pets, and Familiars in the Pathfinder character tools, alongside some minor fixes, including issues with feat duplication on the sheet, the cantrip expansion feat, and the Elemental Sorcerer not prompting you to choose an element.

For all the details on Animal Companions, Pets, and Familiars, please refer to Mellie’s forums thread here: Animal Companions & Familiars - Support Thread


Yesterday we announced on social media and in our discord that we have partnered with our friends at Critical Role and Darrington Press again, this time to provide digital support for the Daggerheart playtest starting on March 12th.

If this is the first you’ve heard about Daggerheart, you can read up about it on the Darrington Press website here, and sign up to get notified when the NEXUS launches at!

Other News and Announcements

If you miss the Q&A sessions from our Dev Update streams on Twitch, be sure to join our Discord server for weekly office hours with Adam on Tuesdays at 1pm Pacific: Join Discord

It’s a little more informal than the Twitch streams were, but we’ve been having a lot of fun answering questions, sharing sneak peeks, and doing giveaways each week.

Until next time, Later Gators!

-The Demiplane Team


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