Animal Companions & Familiars - Support Thread

It’s dangerous to go alone, and now you don’t have to. Animal companions, pets, and familiars are officially available for characters on Pathfinder NEXUS!

Once your character has a feature or feat that grants them access to a pet, familiar, or companion, you’ll have a new section in the character builder and in the tabs on your sheet that will allow you to view and manage your furry/scaly/slimy/shiny/bitey friend.

Character Builder

After you select an option granting you your new best friend (such as the Witch class), the sidebar will be updated to include the Companions & Familiars builder option.

Clicking into that section will allow you to manage your companion or familiar, selecting the type that they are, picking their features, and (most importantly) giving them an awesome name.

Once you’ve finished your selections, you can head into the sheet fully ready to get into the action with your new friend.

Character Sheet

Once you’re in the sheet, you’ll see a new section has appeared: Pet/Familiar for those options, or Companion for those. (Or both, if you’re trying to catch ‘em all) Clicking on that section will allow you to see your friend’s statistics, roll with them, and manage different aspects of their sheet.

You can even remove your (non-locked-in) familiar abilities to choose new ones when doing your daily preparations. If that ability has a choice related to it, such as “Skilled” you can make that choice either by returning to the builder, or by clicking on that ability to open the sidebar, which will let you make the choice right on the sheet.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality in Pathfinder NEXUS. Please let us know if you encounter any issues, or if you have any feedback or questions.

We are continuing to work on other features not yet supported in the character tools, such as alchemical formulas and eidolons. We’ll keep you updated as we continue towards full support!


Inventor archetype construct companion is not supported yet ;-(

That’s correct. It’s unique enough from the other companions/pets/familiars that we need to handle it separately to include coverage for all the Inventor class features, and want to make sure we do it justice. :slight_smile:

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Really looking forward to summoner eidolons being tracked in the character sheet someday. My current work around is to just have a second character sheet that’s a copy of my summoner with the ability score array swapped out to mimic the eidolon.

The Familiar Master Dedication Feat doesn’t give you a familiar.

I’m not able to replicate this issue. When you take the dedication feat, do you see the familiars and companions option appear at the bottom of the left panel in the character builder?

Eidolon support is now available! Both your new and existing summoner characters can add an eidolon in the builder, which will give you all of the selections to get your eidolon set-up by the book. You can then discover the new ‘eidolon’ tab in the character sheet to track your eidolon’s statistics and use their abilities.

Reminder that the summoner (and therefore eidolons) is a part of Secrets of Magic. If you don’t yet own that book on Demiplane, you won’t have access to this class to try out eidolons. We still have our spring sale going through tomorrow, though, so you can get it now at 15% off with SPRING24 at checkout.


Wooh! Very cool, the eidolon tab is so much more convenient compared to trying to setup a second character sheet with the appropriate overrides to mimic an eidolon :partying_face:

For folks converting existing summoners, I had to remove my level in summoner and add it back to make sure I wasn’t benefiting from the skill overrides that used to belong in the class section that have since been moved to the eidolon section of character building.

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One small nit: Looks like the Eidolon is missing their Expertise in Will and Fortitude saving throws and their Trained in Reflex saving throws. From secrets of magic:

This doesn’t seem to be reflected in their saves within the Eidolon block:


With the expertise and trained proficiency, I would expect the saves to read Fort: +6, Ref: +7, and Will: +5 respectively.

Great catch! I believe that should now be fixed. :crossed_fingers:

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Another nice to have would be being able to apply status conditions to an Eidolon to track how they’re affected separately from the summoner (e.g., fear to see how their ability checks are impacted).

You should be able to do that right in the Eidolon tab! There’s a cogwheel in the “conditions” section of the block there, clicking on that will open a sidebar letting you assign conditions to your eidolon. Here’s a screenshot of that on mobile:


Doh! It was right there :person_facepalming:

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Hello folks,

As someone who’s playing a summoner thanks for adding this. Recently we reached level 11 and I noticed that the summoner feature Eidolon Defensive Expertise isn’t being applied.

Thanks for the report! That should now be resolved.