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Is there anyway to download a PDF of the rulebooks? The books being online is a little annoying, as after approx. 10 minutes of not viewing the tab on my mobile device I am logged out and I lose my place in the book.

The Demiplane version in Avatar Legends NEXUS is available in the online Digital Reader only, unless you purchase the Hardcover + NEXUS bundle (I believe using the product key to unlock the book on Magpie’s site includes the PDF unless that’s changed).

We are aware of the issue with losing your place in an inactive tab, and it is on the list for us to address before we leave the Early Access phase - it is not the intended experience. We’ll share more when we have that in place.


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I did pledge for the hardback + PDFs, and the PDFs sent by Magpie via BackerKit don’t include the core book PDF, or the Adventure Guide PDF. I’ve tried to find where to register my product code on the Magpie website, and I can’t find it anywhere.

Edit: I’ve found a way to activate it through DriveThruRPG. Thank you for your assistance.

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Hi there!

Sorry I hope this is the right place to ask for this as Magpie Games specifically asked to get in touch via the Demplane forums. I have the backerkit and a Redeem Code for Demiplane but the code is unfortunately not working. Please let me know how to proceed :slight_smile:

You can submit a support ticket and we’ll assist you with this! https://support.demiplane.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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How do i download a PDF form of my Sources?

Here at Demiplane we don’t have PDFs available. Everything works right in the app, which you can access in your browser from anywhere on any device. However if you backed the Avatar Legends kickstarter, you should have access to the PDF in backerkit when that link went out a couple months ago.

If you are not a kickstarter backer, you should be able to purchase the PDF from the Magpie store.

Hi! I’m trying to redeem my code from the Kickstarter and I keep getting told it’s an invalid code.
Apparently the folks at Magpie think it’s obvious to redeem the code but it’s not. I’ve created the Demiplane account and I’ve tried using the activate link but the invalid code message keeps appearing.

Hello @bravo - apologies for the delay in responding here, we’ve had a busy couple of days, but that’s not an excuse.

If you could please submit a support ticket, we can get this taken care of promptly.

We’re going to also contact Mapgie and get them to update their instructions for where to send people going forward as well (we originally told them the forums are the best place for feedback, but weren’t clear enough that any issues with the product keys should go to support where we can collect the info we need to address them).

We’ll be on the lookout for the support ticket and get to it quickly - thanks!

Hi, this seems to have been a common issue, but when I put in my Kickstarter code, I get the not-a-valid-code message. Granted, in my case, it may simply have expired (I wasn’t by a real computer for a while).
Either way, thanks for your time and effort!

Hi narzain, you can put in a support ticket and we’ll be able to assist you with that!

A few questions, for the online version with friends afar:
(I am extremely new to this, so my apologies for not knowing the proper terms yet)

  1. are there visual maps in development?
  2. If i owned the Game, would I have to be the DM? or can anyone i share with become the DM.

Or am i misunderstanding and this is just an alt way to view rules for the table top edition

Hello and welcome!

Demiplane offers digital tools to enhance your Avatar Legends experience in three primary areas:

  1. Game Compendium - Our game compendium includes filterable and searchable lists of abilities, moves, and so much more to make it easy to find whatever game rules you’re looking for.
  2. Digital Reader - Whether you’re refreshing your memory of the core rules or reading through an adventure, the digital reader offers a streamlined experience with tooltips and links that help you cross-reference other sections of the book (or a completely different book) with just the click of a button.
  3. (Coming Soon) Character Tools - Later this year, we expect to release character tools that will allow you to create characters, track your stats and principles, and more to make playing the game as easy as possible!

I believe your questions are referring to a groups for games that include the voice/video call features. We allow you to screenshare if there are maps that you want to share with your players, but we would not develop those ourselves. In answer to your second question, you can easily make another player the GM for your group and switch those responsibilities around as needed. :slight_smile:

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Hey all! My wife bought me this through the kickstarter, and the books just arrived. (AWESOME!) But, I don’t know how to get the PDF versions, or even WHERE to get them…I thought it would be through the nexus but I don’t see that option…

You should be able to get the PDFs from the DriveThruRPG link in the Kickstarter emails.

Hi @MellieDM ,

I’m a backer trying to redeem the activation code for AL NEXUS, but when I enter the copied version it says that the code is invalid. The recent email from Magpie said that they extended the deadline to February 2023. Is there a way to get a new activation code?


Hi there! A couple of troubleshooting steps that might get you sorted:

  1. First thing, is it possible you’ve already redeemed the code? You can check by visiting any of the sources it should unlock for you, such as the Core Rulebook.

  2. If that’s no good, make sure you’re redeeming the code in the proper spot, which is on this page.

If neither of those steps helped you out, please reach out to our Support team, who’ll be happy to get it sorted for you! :smile:

We seem to be missing the one with those codes. (Update 36 I think?) I’ve got everything on the site here properly, but I can only find PDF’s for the open source stuff like the playbooks. Would there be a way to reach out and get the PDF links again?

If you don’t have the DriveThruRPG link anywhere, I think you’d have to talk to the Magpie support team. Alternatively, you may be able to access that specific update on the Kickstarter page. Oftentimes the emails will be cross-posted in the backer updates section of the Kickstarter. :slight_smile:

Hi there!
So excited for the character tool/builder. Do you have an estimated window of when that will release (like summer 2023 or winter 2023) and in the meanwhile are there fillable pdfs players can use in the meantime. I would like to play digital without the need for any pen and paper. Any advice on how that could be achieved? Thank you!