Billing Address outside US/Canada

Hi! Will Demiplane support purchases outside US and Canada? Currently there is no option to select a country outside these two and thus it’s not possible to preorder the Pathfinder products without an address in either of those two countries.

From the FAQ:

Does Pathfinder Nexus accept international payments?
Pathfinder Nexus pre-orders will be available in the US and Canada at the start of Early Access. International payment support will be added soon. Keep an eye on the forums or social media for updates!

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I was looking for an update on this - the FAQ still says international payments will be available soon, but the country list now shows all countries? I can now select Australia for my country and enter an Australian address (though you should check where your data is coming from - there are some cities and suburbs in the State list!), but it doesn’t accept my valid Australian postcode (which is a four digit number, no spaces or letters).

I realise I may still be jumping the gun, but I checked the purchase section before the FAQ, since I found that entry hard to find in the long list of FAQs. I’m using Safari 15.1 on a 2019 MacBook Pro running macOS Big Sur 11.6.1.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for sharing that update, H2Os - unfortunately I’m still having the same issue!

i.e. though I am able to add Australia as the country, the State field is then populated with a list of things which are not valid Australian states - cities and suburbs from Australia and New Zealand, mostly - though the valid states are in there too. And it doesn’t allow me to enter my address correctly, as it flags the postcode as invalid.

I have screenshots of both of these problems, if there are any devs who’d like them. Not sure if this is affecting any other countries other than Australia!

I’m submitted a support ticket, but thought it’d be good to report here as well.