Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

Pathfinder Nexus FAQ

Hello and welcome to our list of Frequently Asked Questions for Pathfinder Nexus!

I am Megan, the Community Manager for Demiplane!

Here you’ll find answers to many of your questions about Pathfinder Nexus, Early Access, and how to get started. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to here, feel free to ask them in this thread! Thank you for joining us on this Pathfinder journey - we’re excited to be your official digital companion!

What is Pathfinder Nexus?

Pathfinder Nexus is the official digital toolset for Pathfinder. It aims to make every part of playing game sessions better, starting with sought-after tools like a game compendium, digital reader, character builder, interactive digital character sheet, as well as a playspace with video chat where all the other tools are fully integrated.

Is Pathfinder Nexus affiliated with Pathfinder and

We are thrilled to share that we have partnered with Paizo in a multi-year licensing agreement to create Pathfinder Nexus, the official digital toolset and game companion for the award-winning Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game!

How/Where do I create a Pathfinder Nexus account? Is it separate from my Demiplane account?

On Demiplane, you have one account to rule them all! Create a free account to access both Pathfinder Nexus and Demiplane here.

When will I be able to access Pathfinder Nexus?

You can access Pathfinder Nexus in Early Access now! Stay tuned for a full release date early in 2022!

When does Pathfinder Nexus officially launch?

Early access is open now, and our full launch date will be in early 2022, so stay tuned for more awesome updates!

When can I start preordering?

Now! Pre-orders are currently available for all currently-released Pathfinder Rulebooks, and more official Pathfinder book content will be added throughout the Early Access phase.

When will I receive my preorders?

Pre-ordering instantly unlocks the source’s content in the digital reader. As additional features are released in Early Access through launch and beyond, you will have full access to those features for that content automatically.

Will adventure paths be available on Pathfinder Nexus?

Yes, adventure paths will be available on Pathfinder Nexus later in the Early Access phase. Follow us here in the forums, on social media, or hop into our Discord (demiplane) to stay up-to-date on our releases as they happen!

Will Pathfinder Nexus include a digital character sheet?

Yes, Pathfinder Nexus will have a character builder and an interactive digital character sheet that will be introduced later in Early Access, closer to full launch.

Does Pathfinder Nexus help with character creation?

It will! Pathfinder Nexus will have a character builder that you can use during character creation, as well as a fully interactive character sheet that you can use once you’ve finished honing your character!

Does Pathfinder Nexus work for both Pathfinder 1e and Pathfinder 2e?

At this time, Pathfinder Nexus supports Pathfinder Second Edition.

What is a digital toolset?

A digital toolset is a term we use to describe the comprehensive set of features that you’ll have access to through Pathfinder Nexus! Our digital toolset includes all Pathfinder official content in a digital reader, a fully-searchable game compendium, a digital character builder, and an interactive character sheet, all of which is also compatible with gameplay in Demiplane! Demiplane also has an extensive roadmap for Pathfinder Nexus, with new features to enhance play planned for years to come.

What is a digital sourcebook?

A digital sourcebook is a digital version of your favorite Pathfinder content, except it’s now fully searchable online and comes with a great digital toolkit to elevate your next Pathfinder game! You can check out a sample in the free Pathfinder Primer.

What is Demiplane?

Demiplane gives fans new ways tabletop games can be discovered, played, shared, and explored.

Do I have to pay to use Demiplane?

Demiplane offers a variety of features that enhance your gameplay that are free to use. Matchmaking, video and voice, shared journaling, and other gamespace features remain free to use. Pathfinder content is integrated after being unlocked by pre-ordering in our marketplace.

Can I use my digital sourcebooks on Demiplane?

Yes, please do! Digitial sourcebooks purchased through Pathfinder Nexus can be used across Demiplane! Access your Digital Sourcebooks via the ‘My Library’ button in the Top Nav or the Adventure Tools menu in your Demiplane. Go get your Pathfinder gameplay on!

How do I sync my and Pathfinder Nexus accounts?

Visit the “Account Settings” option in the top-level Demiplane menu, then select “Sync Accounts” followed by “Paizo Connect.” Follow the instructions in the screen to generate your code and connect your account.

I'm having trouble logging into Pathfinder Nexus

We’ll get that fixed for you ASAP! Reach out to us on and we’ll help you get into your account.

Do I have to pay to use Pathfinder Nexus?

The free Pathfinder Primer contains everything you need to learn how to play Pathfinder, including rules to create your own hero and tools to make your own amazing stories. Additional Pathfinder content can be unlocked by pre-ordering in our marketplace, which will give you access to it in the digital reader and compendium in Early Access, as well as character management and other tools as they are released.

Does Pathfinder Nexus accept international payments?

Yes! International payments for Pathfinder Nexus are now live, so you can pre-order in all countries.

Can I access Pathfinder Nexus on mobile or tablet?

Yes! Pathfinder Nexus will be available to use on desktop, tablet, and mobile browser screens, and native mobile app support will be introduced at a later date.

Is there an app for Pathfinder Nexus?

Pathfinder Nexus works great on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers, and a mobile app is targeted for a later date.

I already own a physical copy of this book or I own a copy on Why should I buy it through Pathfinder Nexus?

Great question! In addition to the official book you know and love, Pathfinder Nexus also includes digital tools that enhance play, global search, an easy-to-navigate digital reader, compendium game element listings, a character builder and interactive character sheets, and a fully-integrated gameplay experience through Demiplane. Plus by connecting your Paizo account with Pathfinder Nexus, you get a significant discount on purchasing books when you already own the PDF through!

I already own this book on, do I get a discount for Pathfinder Nexus?

Yes, if you own a copy of the PDF for that book. When you connect your Paizo account to Pathfinder Nexus, you can get a deep discount for any PDFs you already purchased through The “digital” access must be unlocked through owning the PDF - hardcover-only purchases do not qualify for the discount.

Why doesn't my Paizo Connect discount appear with preordered content?

The way that Paizo Connect works, we can only connect to what Paizo has “available” in their store API, which for something like ongoing Adventure Paths, would only be what is currently created in their system. That being the case, we can’t credit what we can’t see. If you are a Paizo Subscriber or otherwise have later Adventure Path books preordered through Paizo, the best way to ensure you receive the Paizo Connect already-own-the-PDF discount on your Pathfinder NEXUS purchases would be to pick each book up as they go live on Pathfinder NEXUS. Adventure Paths aren’t bundles that provide any inherent discount, so the only real difference would be you’ll need to make several individual purchases instead of a single purchase at the beginning. Given the deep discount that Paizo Connect provides, we think that’s an acceptable tradeoff. We’ll continue to work with Paizo to see if there are ways to make how that all works better - we’ll see what happens in the future.

If I buy the digital book, will it also be available offline?

When you buy the digital book through Pathfinder Nexus, you’ll also get access to a PDF copy on that can be used offline. However, in order to access the interactive features of the digital tools on Pathfinder Nexus, you will need internet access.

If I buy the digital book through Pathfinder Nexus, do I have to buy it again on

No, you do not! When you buy the digital source through Pathfinder Nexus you will automatically unlock access to the PDF from as part of that purchase (unless you already owned the PDF on - in that case, you will receive a discount for the Pathfinder Nexus source instead).

If I purchase several books at once, is there a discount?

A variety of product bundles will be made available over time, including an Ultimate Bundle that includes all Pathfinder official content, as well as bundles by book type - Rulebooks, Lost Omens, and Adventures. These bundles will be introduced later in the Early Access phase. Any money spent on pre-orders during Early Access will be credited to future bundle purchases once they are available.

Can I try out Pathfinder Nexus first before buying a book?

Absolutely! You can check out what Pathfinder Nexus is about by creating an account at and you can check out a free sample of our Pathfinder Primer digital content here.

What can I access for free?

We love free samples too! You can access our Pathfinder Primer content for free, which you can find here. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

How do I purchase a digital sourcebook?

You can purchase a digital sourcebook directly through Pathfinder Nexus at

How to I access the digital sourcebooks I've purchased?

You can access digital sourcebooks directly through Pathfinder Nexus, so you’ll want to log in here: You can also use your digital sourcebooks on Demiplane through the ‘My Library’ menu and access PDF content on

Can I download a digital sourcebook I've purchased?

When you purchase a digital sourcebook, you’ll have access to it online through Pathfinder Nexus and you’ll unlock access the PDF version through

Now that I have my digital sourcebook, how do I use it?

Digital sourcebooks can be accessed in Early Access through the digital reader.

Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, you’ll receive a receipt directly to the email associated with your Pathfinder Nexus account.

Help! I purchased a digital book, but I can't access it. What do I do?

Sorry to hear that! If you’re having trouble accessing your new digital book, please reach out to us directly through our support channel: We will be able to help you gain access to your purchase.

My purchases from Pathfinder Nexus are not syncing to my account.

We can fix that! Send us a support message at and we’ll help get your accounts synced.

If I delete my Pathfinder Nexus account, will I still have access to my digital sourcebooks?

No, if you delete your Pathfinder Nexus account you will lose access to the digital sourcebooks and your digital toolsets. This will not affect anything you’ve purchased directly from

Can I get a refund?

Digital items are not returnable or refundable. See our Terms of Sale for the full details on making purchases on Demiplane: Demiplane - Terms of Sale

Where can I provide feedback or ask questions?

The best place to provide feedback or ask questions is here in our Forums! You can also contact our Support team at or hang out with us in our Discord: demiplane

How can I keep up to date on new Pathfinder Nexus releases?

Excellent question! You can keep up to date on Pathfinder Nexus by following Demiplane here on our forums, on social media, or by jumping into our Discord community: demiplane Don’t worry - we won’t be shy about sharing updates as soon as we can!

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Go ahead and ask them in this thread!

Thank you! Happy Adventuring!

Megan @ Demiplane

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Hi, I already own all of the .pdfs and physical books, is the $10 discount the one mentioned for already owning the products through Paizo?
Secondly, will GMs that own the products be able to share them with players in any way, especially for things like the character creator, or will each player at a table need to own the books individually?


Will there be the ability to have maps and token movement on this platform?

Will we be able to print out physical character sheets?

Hey @holysmited ! Great questions!

Yes, you can get the $10 discount when you sync your Pathfinder Connect account to Pathfinder Nexus and already own those books. Also, thanks for asking about sharing things with your players! We will share more details on content sharing soon. Thank you!

Hello @yoshua!

Will there be the ability to have maps and token movement on this platform?

We do not (currently) plan to create a VTT, but we’ll share more details on those specifics later in Early Access.

Will we be able to print out physical character sheets?

Yes, definitely.

Hey There :wave:,
I’m really excited to see this come to fruition - will there be a combat tracker and/or scene management tools?

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If I create a campaign through nexus with my books, can my players use them without purchasing them? (Similar to beyond in dnd)


Great question! We’ll be sharing details on content sharing soon, so please stay tuned!


When will I, a european, be able to pre-order a book for early acces?

Hello Nexus,

Will there be an option and tools to create custom monsters?

On the same thread, will there be tools to help build unique home games (create scenarios, adventures, world building, etc.) that would maybe be interactive during game play? Hope that was clear.

Thanks for the insight

Pathfinder Nexus pre-orders will be available in the US and Canada at the start of Early Access, but international payment support will be added soon. Please keep an eye on our forums and/or social and we’ll make sure you’re updated as soon as possible! Thank you!

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Hello @sagian!

We will absolutely have homebrew tools for creating custom game elements (including creatures).

We’ll be able to share more details around how that will work as we get a little further down the road.



Thanks for the quick feedback @BadEye. I have been recently looking for these features. I know you just hit the dirt path, but I hope it isn’t too far down the road.

Again, thanks for the rapid response. Stay well.

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So if I have a game will the player’s have access to items I have purchased to make characters or would they need to buy their own versions of the items?

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Hello again Nexus,

Got another one. You mentioned that we would be able to print up our characters and such. What format will they be in? I am personally interested in a succinct formats like one would see in the Beastiary as well as a character sheet format.


Can we link our Paizo accounts now and if so how do we do it please?



Do we have time frame on when the adventure paths will be added for pre-order?

How do I sync my and Pathfinder Nexus accounts?
Visit the “Account Settings” option in the top-level Demiplane menu, then select “Sync Accounts” followed by “Paizo Connect.” Follow the instructions in the screen to generate your code and connect your account.

It was a smooth sync for me.

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Thanks, found it not in my forum stats but in the program itself, yep took 2 seconds and I’m all linked up


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