Closed Alpha Build Delayed - 4/18/2023

Hello everyone!

During this morning’s Dev Update stream, I shared a slew of incoming updates that were scheduled to hit a new build later today.

As we started looking to press the button, we realized that there are a couple of in flight things that we would need to pull out of the build for item interactions to still work. Since we’re working to be as efficient as possible in getting to the Open Beta milestone, it will ultimately be faster and less throwaway effort for us to delay today’s build until next Tuesday.

This is a characteristic of our alpha phase - while we work in an iterative, “agile” approach always, we’re even more flexible right now due to the sheer amount of new ground being unturned.

The good news is, there will be even more included in next Tuesday’s release, so I’ll be back then with the full notes.

Thanks for the valuable assistance in helping us test, especially the new responsive layout screens - we’re closing in on Open Beta, and we couldn’t have gotten here without you!


Take as much time as you need to put everything in place :slight_smile: