Dev Update - Stability, Scope, and Style

From 4/18/2023 Dev Update

From Adam, about the title:

  • Stability - kicking the system / tech to make things as performant as possible, squashing bugs, making sure things are working the right way reliably
  • Scope - getting to an acceptable threshold of coverage for making sure players have what they need to see at a glance or a click or two away on their character sheet, or if something isn’t fully covered yet, that they have a way to still have the option without the automation. We’ve focused almost entirely on the Core Rulebook and APG throughout the alpha, but this would include adding as much character support as we can for all the other rulebooks and setting books.
  • Style - making sure things are visually polished and that interacting with the character tools is delightful and feels like Pathfinder. This is a big one for us that differentiates what we do with characters from what fans have had access to in the past, and we’ll be introducing several of these updates in the next couple of weeks.

Latest Updates

Pathfinder NEXUS - Early Access

  • (WIP) The Enmity Cycle, Stolen Fate AP, Highhelm
  • Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • (Today) Performance Improvements, Currency Tracking, Lore Skill, Class Updates + More
    • (WIP) Stability, Scope, and Style

Avatar Legends NEXUS

Vampire NEXUS

  • (WIP) Player’s Guide (Pre-Release Errata Incoming) (pre-order now)
  • Character Tools - Sheet Design / Dice Rolling

Update Notes (Incoming Next Week. See BadEye’s post about it here: Closed Alpha Build Delayed - 4/18/2023) - Editor’s note: This one is a doozy! :wink:

  • Performance Updates
    • Load times for higher level characters should be between 40-60% faster.
  • Builder Updates
    • We’ve replaced the “1 Selection” labels in the builder with your selection. That should reduce the guesswork of trying to recall what it was that 1 Selection represented.
    • Deity selection now impacts Champion character choices. Our next stop is Cleric (where you can currently select your Deity).
    • Each Class now has an “Initial Proficiencies” section that displays a Character’s proficiency ranks granted by the class at Level 1.
    • Updated the Deity text to include sub-bullet points about Deific Weapons and continued work on spells.
  • Sheet Updates
    • If you try to sneak a Character Sheet in without a name, we call you the “Nameless Wanderer.” Pretty badass for a character that didn’t have a name 5 seconds ago.
    • You can now track Currency on our Pathfinder 2e Character sheet.
    • To edit your currency pouch, select the currency component in the “Equipment” tab (or the “Add Item” drawer).
    • Ranged weapons now correctly use your Dexterity modifier to calculate attack roll (sorry about that).
    • Lore Skills granted by Backgrounds, Feats, Class Features, etc, now appear on your character sheet.
      • Note: We are continuing work on an issue where some feats grant a specific Lore skill, but the proficiency level is incorrect (or is not set at all).
    • Users can now edit Shield HP in the Shield Drawer.
      • Access the shield drawer by clicking the shield in your equipment tab or by selecting the Shield Icon in the “Armor Class” section after you equip your shield.
  • Class Updates
    • Bard
      • We resolved an issue keeping the Bard’s ‘Light Armor Expertise’ feature appearing at Level 13. You may now return to rushing headfirst into combat.
      • Bards now correctly gain three Level 8 Spell Rows at Level 16+.
      • Level 19 Bards now receive two spell rows to add their two Level 10 spells to their repertoire.
    • Champion
      • We separated the Champion’s “Deity and Cause” class feature into two character choices: Deity and - wait for it! - Cause.
      • The Antipaladin Cause’s “Destructive Vengeance” reaction also now appears in the Skills & Actions section.
      • The Desecrator Cause’s “Selfish Shield” reaction now correctly appears in the Skills & Actions section.
    • Druid
      • We have resolved an issue where choosing a Druid Order crashed the builder.
      • Druid’s inadvertently received Lightning Reflexes at both Level 5 and Level 11. We’ve corrected this.
      • We’ve added in the Druid’s Level 13 “Weapon Specialization” class feature.
      • The Druid’s Spell Layout has been cleaned up.
    • Oracle
      • The Oracle’s level 20 feat selection was coming back empty. This has been resolved.
    • Sorcerer
      • We resolved an issue where some Sorcerer’s spellcasting proficiency rank would never exceed ‘Trained’
      • Correctly balanced the Sorcerer’s Bloodline spells and the number of spell rows available for Spell Repertoire selection.
    • Swashbuckler
      • The Swashbuckler’s Level 7 Class Features - Evasion and Weapon Specialization - and Level 8 Feat Selection table have returned from Spring Break and are back in the builder.
    • Witch
      • Patron choices now register in the Class Options section.
      • Removed an errant option that allowed a user to choose which Patron skill to train (instead of selecting a Patron and gaining proficiency in that Patron’s specific skill).
      • Witches now correctly have Level 10 Spell Rows.

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Character Builder & Digital Sheet

  • Pathfinder Character Tools Closed Alpha
    • Road to Open Beta
      • Stability / Scope / Style

Game Content:

  • Pathfinder
    • Lost Omens: Rage of Elements
    • Harrow Deck
    • Heart of Darkness, Chariot of the Gods
  • Sundry NEXUS Fun Times
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