Content Gifting FAQ

Hello and welcome to our list of Frequently Asked Questions for giving the Gift of Gaming and Adventure in Demiplane.

Here you’ll find answers to your questions about gifting content to other users within Demiplane. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to here, feel free to ask them in this thread!

How does gifting work?

Purchasing a gift in Demiplane creates a Product Key for another user to unlock the gifted content in their own account. To queue up content for gifting, use the pink gift icon next to the item you wish to gift, instead of the green cart icon.

When purchasing a gift, you have the option of sending the Product Key to the recipient’s email address (with an optional personalized message), or sending the Product Key to yourself – in case you have other plans for delivering the Product Key to the recipient.

When emailing the gift, you can also specify a delivery date and time to deliver the Product Key.

Please double-check and verify the recipient’s email address before sending the gift.

How does the recipient redeem the gift?

To redeem the gift, the recipient should log into their Demiplane account and navigate to Demiplane’s Code Activation page. There they can enter the gift’s Product Key to redeem their new content. The Product Key will be in the recipient’s email, unless the purchaser chose to deliver it to the recipient manually, in which case it will be in the purchaser’s email.

What impacts gift pricing?

You can use discount codes, such as codes offered during sales or promotions, on gifted content (including bundles when applicable). However, you cannot use product codes that only apply to your user account, such as those provided by Paizo Connect, for gifting. Bundles are always full price when gifted and are not discounted by any content owned by your own user account.

Can I gift bundles or physical bundles?


Can I gift Demiplane Subscriptions?

We do not support gifting Demiplane Subscriptions at this time.

What if the recipient already owns the content?

If the email entered in the gifting workflow is tied to an existing Demiplane user account, and that user account already owns the content you are trying to gift them, a warning message will prevent you from purchasing the gift. You can find someone else to gift it to, or give the user something else!