Update Notes 04/16/2024 - The Gift of Fun & Adventure (& Demiplane Content)

Hello Demiplanars!

This week we rolled out a new feature: Gifting. This is the ability to purchase Demiplane content for other users, which can be delivered via email or by giving Product Keys to the lucky user yourself. You can gift books from the Library of a given NEXUS by clicking the pink gift icon next to each book. Example images are below!

An FAQ about Gifting can be found here. If you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to there, feel free to ask them in that thread!

We also fixed a bug across all games where filtering options in Character Builders (for example, filtering Feat options by Level in Pathfinder Second Edition) were not actually updating when the user clicked the Apply button.

Thanks, and until next time!

– The Demiplane Team