Content Sharing Individual Books

I love the idea of content sharing but I’m waiting until I can share individual items and not everything. I was just wondering if there’s an update on when that ability will become available?

Thanks in advance!


Hi there! No update we can share at this time, but we appreciate you sharing your feedback.

I’d also love an update on this. I’d like to purchase more adventure material here, but do not want it automatically shared out as some of my players are in my share-groups.

Yeah this would be helpful. I don’t want my group to accidently get spoilers on their next adventure!

Edit: Saw this reply on another thread. Content Sharing - #4 by joshuamsimons

Thanks for sharing that other response here. There hasn’t been anything new since then. The plan is to eventually allow for sharing of individual titles, but we’re still a ways out from that as other things are in development. :slight_smile:

I hope this moves up in the priority list. I signed up for a paid membership to get content sharing, but it’s worthless to me until I can filter what is shared. I want to support y’all with your product, but I’ll probably end up stopping my subscription since the sharing is the only feature I need from it, and it doesn’t sound like it’s coming soon.

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Even something simple for now, like only-share-these-books as one list, rather than granular specific shares by person would be helpful enough.

I’ll transparently share that providing more granularity for content sharing is not on the short term roadmap. We are not currently seeing enough community demand for it to be prioritized over the currently in-progress development for things like the character builder and digital character sheet.

The overall feedback we’ve received and reviewed in Early Access so far is that sharing a full library works well and provides a great value for most groups, so it’s tough for us to move a feature like this to the top of the list when we have outstanding development on the core platform features.

I know that’s not what our posters in this thread want to see me reply, but I wanted to be straightforward with how we currently have to think about it.

Having said that, we are always going to be willing to re-prioritize features as we continue to receive and parse feedback. If we see the community demand rise for this particular feature, we will absolutely make adjustments accordingly. Having others say here in the Forums or any other place where we get feedback that it’s something they want is something we pay attention to.

(And one last note - I’m saying this is not currently on the short term roadmap, but I can confirm it is definitely on our list and we intend to make it happen when we can.)



Thank you very much for the transparency

As a short term option, how about marking content as rulebooks and adventure content then you could select allowing your players to just see rules or all your stuff. No need to make it person specific, all sharers see the same.


Thanks for the suggestion - the work involved to mark content categories would be more or less the same as allowing it to go down to the individual book level. When we get there, we plan to do both.

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Thanks for the continued transparency! It’s a shame it isn’t forthcoming but I do like the shape of the content sharing so far. It will be a fantastic feature when it is finally implemented and will bring people to the table, so-to-speak! :wink:

Hello there, I found this thread looking for a way to limit access to some content for my players. I was wondering if you had an update now on a possible timeline, a few months later?
On a similar note, being able to choose which content is available for character creation would be awesome, but I think I remember reading somewhere this was confirmed as on the way.
Keep up the awesome work!

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Thanks for checking in! This is still a ways out on the roadmap, as we focus on character tools first, before finetuning membership features.

But I can confirm that eventually it will be possible to filter your options in the builder. We’ll share more details about what this will look like when we can. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

Appreciate all the hard work. Really hope the feature to only allow specific books to be shared gets moved up in the roadmap. Granting players full access to everything I have in the digital library is too much access. Only rulebooks sharing would be ideal.

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I really hope this is on the way soon. I have the ultimate bundles for a couple game systems and not being able to filter down to what players have access to (character and story info rather than the entire adventure) keeps me from being able to use it. It isn’t just a matter of trust, it’s a matter of me having so many books to navigate through.


If its about community demand can I add my voice to the people calling out for it.

I would be happy with a “rulebook only” sharing option and a “share everything” option. The issue is I dont want to share adventures with players.


I need this too to be able to continue subscribing and getting more content.

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I would also like to state my desire for having a content sharing filter, even if its rulebooks only/allcontent filter. Like D&DB has, but better :slight_smile:

I will not be able to add my AP content to Demiplane until I am confident that my players won’t ‘accidentally’ expose themselves to the meta knowledge.

Thanks in advance and well done on the great resource you have created so far.

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