Daggerheart Open Beta Launch

DAGGERHEART NEXUS joins your adventuring party right from the start of the DAGGERHEART playtest from Darrington Press and Critical Role. Jump right into adventure with bespoke digital tools that make it easy to start playing.

Available Now

The following are available for free, right now:


Does the Daggerheart open beta on Demiplane cost anything to use?

No, all playtest materials are free, including the fully-loaded character tools.

Where can I provide feedback or ask questions about Daggerheart NEXUS?

You can provide your feedback in this forum section right here!

If your issue involves payment or personal information, we recommend reaching out through our support desk instead: https://support.demiplane.com/

If your feedback is for the Daggerheart playtest itself, you’ll be able to provide that through playtest surveys. Directly on your character sheet you’ll find a feedback tab to provide your opinions to make it incredibly easy to share what you think.


:wave: :tada: Hi all! Happy to be here. Let’s gooooo!

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Heck yeah! Welcome majorpaul! :tada: :heart:

Is anyone having issues getting the class to select on the character creation tool?

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We’ve had a lot of characters coming through and don’t see any issues.

Can you provide some additional info? Which class are you trying to select? What device type / browser are you using?

We’ll dig in and take care of it once we see what’s happening for you.


Seaborn Orc and trying to pick Wizard. I’m using Chrome on a PC. I can see the list of classes, but there is nowhere that it says I can select one and if I highlight and then save it says saved but still no class has been chosen.

I figured it out. The select button is in a whole other area and I wasn’t seeing it.

Ah, got it - yeah, the idea there is to let you browse the information about the classes before you lock in your choice.

I’m glad you got it sorted, and may all your rolls be a critical success when you get to play!

Maybe more of a demiplane specific issue, but entering in character details (experiences, background questions, descriptions, etc) is a bit painful. It’s like it can’t keep up with keystrokes and struggles backspacing. I was literally having to pause between words when working on those sections.

Character sheet looks great and I’m stoked to play!


Thanks for the report - I am indeed seeing something is off in those input fields and we are on it.

I hope you get to play soon, the game is already off to a really strong start!

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Hello everybody! Currently watching the Daggerheart character creation by the CR gang and loving it. Can’t wait to dig into the game myself!

Anyway, one thing that caught my eye was that the Dwarf was included in the plethora of character ancestries While I completely understand its roots in fantasy literature as well as RPGs, could Daggerheart take the stand and either change the ancestry name or remove it all together?

While dwarfism is usually genetic, I’ve always felt a little weird using it in RPGs, most often with the terms stout and hardy, knowing the serious health issues that often accompany it; some of which have affected a friend of mine who has dwarfism and is very open about how the condition affects her and how people interact with her. She would love to swing a great axe but it could cause her almost as much damage as it does to her enemy.

While I know that you some this post makes me seem to be a bit over sensitive or whatever other terms detractors might say, I sincerely would appreciate some thought and discussion in the use of Dwarf.

Hello CadenLucien! Welcome to Demiplane, and thanks for sharing your thoughtful feedback.

We’re the providers of the digital tool/experience for the game, but not the creators of the game itself. They are absolutely open to feedback just like yours, which you can provide to them using their surveys at https://daggerheart.com or you can fill it in using the “Feedback” tab of your Demiplane character sheet, which is being collected to give to them directly.

Been trying out the character generator. Seems to be working just fine! I do wonder, is it possible to add a “none” option to, say, armor or weapons? (for armor, I’m specifically thinking of the Bare Bones ability, which requires no actual armor being used).

It didn’t seem to interfere while creating the character sheet and it generated just fine, but it feels nice to have the checkmark when you have everything selected.

(I also keep wondering if the Rogue is SUPPOSED to have the same question in background and connections but that seems to be an issue with the devs themselves)

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Hello mazinja, welcome to Demiplane!

In character creation you do pick those things, but you definitely don’t have to equip them! (I feel you on the checkmark)

That rogue issue looks like it’s actually an inconsistency on our end… Taking a look!

EDIT: It was indeed on our end. Thanks so much for the catch, I’ve updated that last Connections question. :heart:

oh good! So I’m not insane.

Now just gotta poke the devs and go “Hey. Hey. The rogue in the physical printable charsheet has a repeated question”

Hello, I dont know were to ask a question about the rules.

Just in case you would know, I am confused about the rule on damage from multiple sources :
Damage from any source needs to be added before comparing to the PC treshold.

How would that work when multiple enemies attack ? Is the maximum number of hp for 5 skeleton attacking one guy 3 hit points ?

skelly 1+ S2 +S3 S4+ S5 = big number => Severe damage
S1 small + S2 mid + … = that amount of hit against the treshold

If you dont have the answer do you knwo were to ask it ?

Thank you for your attention.

Hi, I’ve never played a ttrpg before but was always interested in playing one and when I saw the crit roll going over the basics, I thought now would be a good as time as any. If there is any advice you can give or an open spot in a party that would be great. I’ve heard so many good things about ttrpg’s and can’t wait to see were daggerheart goes.

We checked in with the team at Darrington Press for this, and here’s the answer they gave us:

If adversaries are making SEPARATE attacks and rolling separately from one another the damage does NOT group.

If adversaries are making a Group attack (Minions etc as per the rules) and together make ONE attack roll and damage IS then added together.

“Each ADVERSARY does 3 damage and you then have 4 adversaries…. That would be 16 damage if they hit”

Hello, I have an issue with the ancestries page. I can not scroll down this page both in list and card views. My set is Google Chrome Version 99.0.4844.51 on Linux OS. Also, I checked it from an Android device scrolling works fine. Sorry if I place this report in the wrong place :slight_smile: