Daggerheart Open Beta Launch

Hello abe! There’s a wider issue that is causing this, but we’re actively working on a fix. I’ll update you here once the fix is live!

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thank you for the ultrafast response! PS. i appreciate nexus for character building, it’s truly great.

Few bugs I’ve noticed in the Character Creator:

  • The Hand Crossbow (Secondary) is listed as dealing d8+1 (phy), when it should be d6+1 (phy), as of 1.3.
  • The Secondary Shortsword is also left over from 1.2, and needs to be removed (also, it deals more damage than the Primary Shortsword).
  • The Thistlefolk Armor entry reads “If you should take damage below your minor threshold, roll a d12. If you roll your level or lower, you don’t have to mark a stress.” when it should read “When you take minor damage, roll a d12. If it rolls your level or lower, you may mark a Stress instead.”
  • The Thistlefolk Armor and the Sableblade both appear in the Character Creator as starting inventory options. I’m not sure if that’s incorrect, since they appear as equipement from the Sablewood Location entry, rather than the basic equipment list.

Hello williamssd92! Thanks so much for the reports.

  • Hand crossbow should be fixed!
  • Errant secondary shortsword: Looks like there was an issue with removing these–I’ve submitted a ticket to our team to take care of the lingering data.
  • Thistlefolk armor should be fixed!
  • You’re correct, this was because in 1.2, all Tier 0 weapons and armor were starting equipment. We’ve updated today to now filter out those location equipment pieces, so it should no longer appear there!
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The Yutari Bloodbow has the brutal feature which states “For every 10 rolled on a damage die, roll an additional d10 of damage”, However, it’s damage die is listed as “d6 +4”. Since each damage die is only a d6 it does not appear to be possible to roll a 10 on a damage die with this weapon, and so the brutal feature does not appear to do anything.

Similarly, the Firestaff has the burn feature which states “For every damage dice that rolls an 8, deal stress”, but it’s damage die is “d6 +7” and so it cannot roll an 8 on a damage die.

Am I misunderstanding something, or is there possibly a mistake with these weapons’ description?

Good catch! That is accurate to the new 1.3 update, however I imagine that those inconsistencies are due to the change in the damage dice for those weapons (from d10 and d8 to d6, respectively). I’ve gone ahead and updated it for now on my end, and we’ll get the folks at Darrington Press know for their ruling. Thanks!

The Daggeheart Playtest 1.4 Update is now available! There’s some really exciting changes (especially, if you ask me, to ancestries :eyes:), so go and check it out on Daggerheart NEXUS!

I’ve noticed the Rogue still has the none-existant-as-of-1.4 Breastplate as the suggested Armor on the character builder as an available option. So the bugs are both the existence of the armor, and the fact that the suggestion should be Gambeson Armor, instead :slight_smile: I haven’t checked the other classes, but they may have similar issues? Hope this helps!

The Fighter and Sorcerer seem to be in the same situation. The Saber is also still an option for starting weapons, despite not existing in 1.4

Thanks for catching that! We’ll take a look.

EDIT: That should now be fixed!

More Daggerheart so soon? You bet! Patch 1.4.1 and the new Marauders of Windfall tier 1 adventure are available now on Daggerheart NEXUS. :crossed_swords: