Does the PDF Come With the Purchase?

If I purchase a Pathfinder book here, will it unlock the PDF for free on


Great question! If you connect your Paizo account to your Demiplane account within Pathfinder Nexus, you should see the PDF of the same source added to your Paizo library when you complete the purchase here on Demiplane!

So if I purchase a pdf on Paizo will a discount be applied to my new purchases in DemiPlane?

Yes, correct. That’s the benefit of syncing your accounts! :slight_smile:

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What happens if I connect my Paizo account after buying something on Demiplane? Do I still get the PDF on retroactively?

(I connected my account before buying anything, so this doesn’t affect me. I’m just curious.)

Good question! I think that the Paizo support team might be better equipped to answer how their system works. But I will note that they are great to work with, so I have no doubts that they would ensure that you get the PDF if you’ve made a purchase on Demiplane.

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