Gamemastery Gradual Ability Boost

Hi there,
I have noticed the new GM Core book doesn’t include a lot of the optional rules from the previous Gamestary Guide. Some are already implemented in the Demiplane character creator, but I was wondering if Gradual Ability Boost was on your roadmap.

We plan to add all of the optional rules, and are putting them in the character tools as we go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply, thats great news!
My group and I are hoping to start a new campaign early bext year; hopefully that feature is enabled then, and the speed issue is fixed, or at least improved.
Looking forward to the finished(-ish) service, as I think it has awesome potential!

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Will these be included at base or do I have to buy the Game mastery Guide or GM Core to access them for my players?

I believe they will be available for anyone to use in the character tools, but I’ll double check that.

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Any update on Gradual Ability Boost? My campaign uses that but I don’t see the setting for it in the Nexus

Nothing we can share at this time! We’re still working on support for various core and variant rules. We’ll shout from the rooftops when we have an update.