GM Tyranius PbP Bounty #10 Hillcross Roundup (PbP Testing)

This is a test game to see how well the PbP works here and to help work out any bugs.
Items to check out.

  • This is the recruitment forums, where to create the actual gameplay for PbP
  • Basic posting of a game
  • Link to maps
  • Able to get to character sheets to verify information
  • Hidden area for GM information
  • Campaign Page that has all PbP games in one place.

Good call - following along to observe!

Hello Tyranius.

Checking this as well. Seeing the editor, but I can’t see any dice options. Going to try something.


Found it.


Would be nice to have a dice button in the editor. (Or honestly something better, particularly for mobile that is atrocious. Would actually love if they devoted a bit of attention to mobile PbP features.)


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Testing formatting:

Can we mix them?
Mardown: Bold
BBCode: Bold
HTML: Bold

Is color possible?



Nope, no color. It would be nice to have that.

Will this be an actual PbP game or just a testing of the features? And if so, what will the length be and what game will you be playing? I’d gladly join.

I was mainly just testing the features and have been making notes onto the Demiplane Feedback thread found in the link below if you guys want to add to it.

DemiPlane Feature request

We can certainly fumble our way through a quick Bounty on here if you wish to really test it out. I’ll post a sign up link below and if we can get a table lets do it.

Sign-Up Sheet for Bounty #10 Hillcross Round-up

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Cool. I’d imagine its a Pathfinder 2e game? I haven’t played Pathfinder before, but I have played D&D 5e and have been learning the rules. I also make a lot of test characters.

Indeed Pathfinder 2e Organized Play

Ok. I could make my character now, if you’d like. I’ll have to look up the rule differences for organized play.

EDIT: Here’s my character (not quite finished): [View-Only] Aslirna (Ash) - Wanderer's Guide

RPG Chronicles was having issues when I tried to sign up. They said they will fix it in the morning and then I will also join.

It’s done. Sorry I took so long, Wanderer’s Guide seems to have gone down yesterday.

All good, we still need two more players.

Thanks. I hope some more people join, I would like to get some actual experience with how the game works before I convert my group.

I also signed up. We could play with two players and two pregens if we really needed too, or I am willing to play for no credit.

I will look to another or our lodges to try and get some folks over for testing purposes.

This looks like it might be based on Discourse Text formatting, so trying a few things.

bold word or bold word
italicized word or italicized word
combo of bold and italic
strike-through word

So it looks similar to Discord text formatting
Dice roll?


Let’s try using Discord Markup for colored text

- red text

That kind of works

How about other text?


Some of the documented text color changes from here work, but others do not.
It looks like text may have to be connected with Underscores, otherwise a Space breaks to color.