Make traits in PF2 be links to their description

I have the free account, so this is just me looking at the Pathfinder Primer.

For feats, spells, abilities, and other items, there are traits in the description, ie Concentration, Metamagic, Press.

You should link these traits to take the user to their specific description.

For example, an attack with the Press trait cannot be the first attack.

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Yea, as a new player/DM this would help tremendously. I find the biggest gripe I have with PF2e compared to 5e D&D is that I have to constantly bounce around the books to figure out what all of these keywords mean. On dndbeyond (which I know Adam Bradford helped bring forth so I don’t feel bad about comparing) every spell, condition and skill is linked to its description. I just noticed that all statblocks still have no links involved making it equally as hard to navigate as a pdf or hardcover. I am sure this is in the roadmap for toolsets but just want to voice that with the amount of keywords and tags pathfinder 2e has it would help tremendously with the way things read like contracts. Basically anything that needs further explanation would be fantastic!

I posted this in another thread, and got a response from Demiplane support. It’s on their roadmap. Sounds like instead of hotlinks, they will do pop-up tooltips, which I think is a better way of doing it.

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Ah perfect! Just like dndbeyond! My players will love this!

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