Monster Core - Support Thread

Fearsome (or friendly) foes abound—Monster Core is here! This massive tome of creatures includes both remastered and new faces (check out those dragons…!) and incorporates four years worth of errata.

Get your copy on Demiplane by clicking right here.

Bestiary Remaster

Wondering how the remaster program works with the original Pathfinder Bestiary? Check out this thread for everything you need to know.


If you encounter any issues using Monster Core, please let us know here in this thread. Now stop reading and go oogle some dragons! (My favourite is the mirage dragon, in case you were wondering.)

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Hi, when I sync my Paizo Connect the Monster Core isn’t showing up in my digital downloads on the Paizo site. (Same for my Seven Dooms for Sandpoint purchase) (I’ll submit a ticket)


Hello mrprimate! It appears that Paizo Sync is not yet active for that book on Paizo’s side, sometimes it can take a little time for that to become active. We’d recommend trying to resync your Paizo connect after 24 hours from release if it doesn’t show up before then. If you continue to experience issues, definitely let us know!


Still not showing up for me

We believe we’ve found the issue with Paizo sync for Monster Core, can you refresh your sync and let me know if it’s working now?

I didn’t get it working for a bit and their website was down but then I reread your comment and “Refreshing the sync” solved the issue. Handle successfully jiggled :smiley:

Hello, I didn’t receive a remaster code this time around.

Hi there vaeron, I’m sorry to hear about that! Please reach out to our Support team who would be very happy to take a look and help get this sorted: