Pathfinder Remaster Program Update - Monster Core and Player Core 2

Hello everyone! I know many of you have been curious about the potential of our Remaster Program to extend to Monster Core and Player Core 2 .

We appreciate your patience as we have finalized all the details. To get right to it, we are indeed going to include both of those titles in the special promotion, so if you own the Bestiary , you will unlock Monster Core , and if you own the Advanced Player’s Guide , you will unlock Player Core 2 .

This extension will bring our Remaster Program to a close, as any future new products will not really be parallels to legacy products (it’s already a stretch with APG and the Bestiary), so we’re letting you know that now to align your expectations. The program has not been easy for us to pull off, but we are thrilled to have been able to offer a way for fans to make the jump from legacy to remastered content so simple and convenient.

If you have already pre-ordered either (or both) Monster Core and Player Core 2 and you already own the Advanced Player’s Guide and / or the Bestiary , then you will receive a special code in the next couple of weeks via email that will give you credit equal to the cost of those pre-orders that you can use on any other Demiplane products - including pre-orders like Howl of the Wild and Tian Xia that should be going up later today. The email will go to the email address associated with your account. Please don’t contact support (or ask in places like this) about the status of your store credit code until after April 15th, as we will be sending them as soon as we can before then.

I hope you all enjoy Monster Core and Player Core 2 - we are excited for you to see them both!


Woohoo! Excellent! Adam, you and the team are a TTRPG rock stars!


Genuinely appreciate y’all doing this for the playerbase.


If I preorder the Monster Core, will it unlock the Bestiary? If I purchase the APG (for expample today), will it unlock the Player Core 2?

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This is awesome ! Thank you :smiley:

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:star_struck: Fantastic!


BTW are people who got MC and PC2 through Ultimate bundle also getting the special code or?

If people who already own the Bestiary and Advanced Players guide will they receive a code or will the Monster Core and Players Core 2 just automatically unlock?

Thank you so much for this! Things like this generate immense levels of goodwill with your customers and go far toward maintaining our loyalty. Demiplane is an absolutely incredible service!

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Product keys for Monster Core / Bestiary just went out in the last hour to the email associated with your account.

Grab that code and go to to redeem!


Yep, we certainly wouldn’t leave out our bundlers!

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Got a code for Monster Core in the mail, which seem strange as I already own it thanks to Ultimate bundle.

Or did I miss understand the discount toward example Howl of The Wild part?

We sent out codes to make sure everyone was covered that needed to be - there could be doubling up on that, but our stance is overlaps are better than gaps.

And no, you will receive any promotional codes for store credit that are due to you in the next couple of weeks as the announcement earlier this week stated in addition to the product keys to make sure that Monster Core was unlocked for everyone appropriately.

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I have a question.
Should I also buy the book in Paizo to be able to download it?
The monster core is not enabled in Paizo for download

Looks like Paizo Connect is not yet available for Monster Core, it can sometimes take up to 24 hours for that to become active. If your Demiplane account is synced with Paizo Connect and you haven’t been able to get your download by tomorrow, please let us know!

Is it still projected to take a few days for the actual codes to go out? Or am I having sync problems again? :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a Monster Core / Bestiary code to unlock either book in the first place on NEXUS, then those codes went out yesterday morning around 8:30 am PT.

Once you redeem the code for whatever you had missing, then there still would be the matter of whether Paizo Connect is going to sync for you to access the PDF. We’ve seen that has started happening, so hopefully that will end up being the case for you once you redeem your NEXUS code.

Bugger, no mail in neither inbox nor spam folder :-/ support ticket? (i had the same problem with Gm Core) (I own both the Bestiary and the APG on

Definitely reach out to our Support team, they’ll be happy to help get this sorted! :blue_heart:

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