New Nexus Ideas 🎲 What do you want next?

Ditto on the above listed games to which I would then add third party additional resources for such as Kobold Press’s Pathfinder books for example. Let alone any system agnostic material such as MCDM would produce, let alone if it is for a Demiplane supported system.

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Travel calculators for specific systems. Enter distance, select any modifiers and see how many days travel it will take to get there.

Mage 5E if they make one.

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Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition - Posthuman Studios.

I wanna play it so much but I’m too dependant on online tools to save me time. Its a crunchy system with a strong Alien\Cyberpunk\Altered Carbon vibe.

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What I would like next is less about more systems and greater focus on integrating current and future content with the big 3 virtual tabletops; Foundry, Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Creating products that can be imported are huge; whether characters, rulebooks, modules, UIs or addons. Mastering the JSON cross over should be a part of every ruleset.

The player base has grown beyond living in the same community and gathering at the kitchen table, hobby shop or living room. My gaming group of life long friends, which has been gaming together for the past 30+ years is spread across the country. VTTs are a necessary part of maintaining our gaming capability.

Online references are nice but they do not facilitate gameplay as much as those that can be integrated.


I would like to put in a vote also for Alchemy RPG they are 2100% funded of its goal and still have 8 days left.