New Nexus Ideas 🎲 What do you want next?

Delta Green !!!

Supporting Gumshoe would be cool. Pelgrane has a lot of systems that are all just gumshoe with different stats.

Blades in the Dark
Call of Cthulhu
Cyberpunk RED

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Dungeons of Drakkenheim is coming to D&DBeyond this month - here’s hoping when Nexus’ 5E tools go live, it’ll come here too, along with other third party D&D content.


I second this for sure. D&D Beyond has become a crutch for me. I want to use it, but I simply need to. It does everything 5e so well (thanks to Adam, who designed it). Once we get Tales of the Valiant online fully, and a character builder, then I can probably switch to Demiplane full time.

Maybe Alien cos its been a year since i got alien and I still can’t do character generation?

Happy to share that ALIEN is one of the items at the very top of the list when we come back from holiday break.


It’s be really handy if each book was broken into two sections so you could share the player half without exposing all the evil secrets in the gm half.

Love your work!

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I’d like to see the following:

  • Apocalypse World

  • Monsterhearts, as Critical Role did a oneshot for that game back in the day. Since Candela Obscura is on here, I’ve been excited to try it and I’ve wanted to have a module for both really bad.

  • Call of Cthulhu is another obvious big one that I’d love to see, although it might cause Candela to fight with it for attention.

I love all three games though, or at least the asthetics, haven’t actually played CoC yet, but my coworker group might start an adventure soon. Either that or I’ll finish my 5e oneshot, or I’ll start a Candela Obscura campaign. I’m more than ready for that. Any or all of these would be amazing.

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Stuff I would like to see/can’t wait to see:
*Cypher System / Numenara
*Stormlight Chronicles

5e: Humblewood

Character Builder / Sheets - ability to trade items between players.
- good way to toggle content between players
- shopping mode - where purchasing items (with set prices) will auto deduct
from gold.
-robust homebrew tools - create your own core classes with ways of
customizing spell casting systems.

Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. Hands down.

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I’ll toss my favorite games that are not yet supported:

  1. Cyberpunk RED (R. Talsorian)
  2. Scion, 2nd Edition (Onyx Path Publishing)
  3. Fallout 2d20 (Modiphius)
  4. Everyday Heroes [a 5E d20 Modern system] (Evil Genius Games) [AND the cinematic adventure supplements, like The Crow, Highlander, etc]
  5. Cypher System (Monte Cook Publishing)

Having GURPS 4e on here would change my life forever. You have no idea.

I will second the Fallout TTRPG. I just picked up the base wargame and the Vault 111 handbook. This looks really good. Hoping to get a game started in the next week.

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I’d love to see support for Chronicles of Darkness games, there’s not much digital content for it that I’ve found.

I’d like to see 7th Sea, 2nd edition by John Wick presents and Fantasy AGE by Green Ronin (particularly the Blue Rose setting).

For the 5e Nexus, I’d very much like everything from Kobold Press, especially the Midgard setting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love to see the Demigods system and the ability to piecemeal items from books like dndbeyoned used to have because a lot of the time I don’t wanna buy a whole sourcebook for a class and a background or an item.

I would be very keen to see Call of Cthulhu 7E and perhaps Delta Green. Those are both systems I play which I find lack a good online solution.

In terms of usability, I would love to see an ability to better sort my library. Perhaps the ability to parcel up categories so I can get to Adventure Paths or Core books quickly for Pathfinder without so much scrolling.

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  • Game log for rolls.
  • Make groups useful (roll log or a way to get rolls from my campaign group into Discord)
  • Homebrew for systems.

Maybe don’t take on more systems until you can properly support the ones you have. This platform has been around for a few years and it’s yet to be able to do a fraction of what I need it to.

I would never consider buying or paying for anything here without those basics. At this point, I’m waiting for MCDM RPG and Daggerheart to come out and move character sheets to their VTTs (or Foundry, which is where I’m sure DH is going to land).

Printable character options would be nice.

A Pathfinder Society checkbox for PF2 that let me add my player number and character number to a specific part of the sheet as well as helping me make sure I’m using PFS character building options and limitations correctly would be good. Herolab does it. I wish Nexus did.

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