New Nexus Ideas 🎲 What do you want next?

(Popping in real quick to say I’m happy to share that PDF export is in development, and PFS support is on the list! :wink: )


This is great news!!!

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Top three, just for me personally?

  1. Cyberpunk (Red,2020, or both)
  2. GURPS…if EVER a system needs online support…
  3. Hero system

Fine grained (book level) control over content sharing would be nice… The cherry on top for a lot of GMs like me! :slight_smile:

One game I truly enjoyed in the 1990’s was a TTRPG known as Rifts.

Unfortunately the game system was cumbersome at the best of times and at the worst of times it was a cluttered tangled hot mess.

One of the largest complaints I always received while running the system was that character creation was always a nightmare. I think if Rifts had a resource like Nexus to aid in building the player’s character it would alleviate one of the largest barriers the system had.

Who knows, maybe some day.

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