Other games on Demiplane

So I was introduced to demiplane via the Avatar Legends Kickstarter, but was very pleasantly surprised to see a lot of my other favorite game companies on here too, Paizo and Free League.

I’m wondering if there is an effective/useful/official place to try to connect game companies to Demiplane or to make requests?

Specifically off the top of my head, I’d love to see Starfinder on here, and since Paizo is already here, that feels like an easy ask.

In addition, however, I think this would be absolutely incredible for Greater Than Game’s “Sentinel Comics RPG”.

So I guess this post is in two parts: does anyone have an answer to the “how to request/connect new game makers with demiplane” and "what games would you like to see here?


Hello @ensign53 - There is a another thread over at Will you be supporting Starfinder in the future? that Demiplane has made comments on. As for your first question hopefully someone from Demiplane will respond.