Will you be supporting Starfinder in the future?

SUCCESS, Twitch Tuesday live Twitch show said “YES” we will have Starfinder at some point!! :slight_smile:

My main worry if it is that much later as there is no time frame for this, yet anyways I think they might run into Starfinder 2nd Edition.

Just speculating but the whole OGL mess and then ORC might have kicked getting Starfinder 2nd Edition out sooner rather than later as it was tied more to the original OGL than PF II.

Eric Mona ( publisher and chief creative officer of Paizo) did say on a live twitch chat that he has seen the Starfinder players and GM’s post and say repeatably they want the PF II 3 action economy , skills and other things for PF 2 put into Starfinder 2nd Edition, and I beleave he said" well you know that I love giving our player base what they are most asking for/want, that is all I can say" That was about 2 weeks ago give or take!!

Thoughts anyone?



@ trdg11 It all make sense and with the recent events this may be the opportunity Paizo needed to go with SF2e and Demiplane is just waiting to deploy it.

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My Group would be excited for this to be on DemiPlane. We would make the switch right away.

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Thanks gang, as I am assuming there would be a play test for SF II I am thinking we might hear something at GENCON this early August. If not that then the new Mech Adventure Path after the Starfinder Society Hardcover Scoured Stars

A complete Starfinder campaign debuts in hardcover!

With most of the Starfinder Society’s agents trapped behind an impenetrable force field, it’s up to a new generation of heroes to step forward and uncover the mystery of this interstellar prison—the mystery of the Scoured Stars! Unravel the threat of the merciless alien jinsuls while rebuilding an interplanetary adventuring guild and dealing with the emerging threat of a slumbering god—all in a day’s work for a Starfinder!

“This expansive 256-page hardcover campaign weaves together twelve popular scenarios from Paizo’s enormous Starfinder Society organized play campaign, remastering and optimizing them for at-home play in the form of an exciting cosmos-spanning complete campaign from levels 1 to 15. The perfect introduction to the Starfinder RPG, and Starfinder’s biggest adventure to date!”

Not sure myself about hardcover and stitching together Society scenario’s but I’ll check it out


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Put me down for Starfinder +1

You are in :+1:

+1 to PF1 (pls pls pls)
+1 to Starfinder

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Thanks @rohdester

Tell your friends to post here and also drop a comment over at Paizo Forums - Starfinder Nexus?

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Definitely +1 for Starfinder!

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+1 for Starfinder here as well

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I am actually more interested in Starfinder than Pathfinder. Both are great but Starfinder is such a great setting.

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Now we have announced 2 weeks ago Starfinder Enhanced for this October, can’t wait for that and the a year or so after that a SF 2d Ed playtest I just bet!! Ha Ha


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I would support Startfinder 2e. or what ever the updated version that is coming out. Is that the Enhanced in October?

Yep, Enhanced in October, won’t be SF II but it will probably be paving the way a year or two after that!! Now if we could only get a Sf PC RPG, Dang Owlcat and going with Warhammer Rogue Trader instead :frowning:
Did anyone else here ever pick up the Alexa play by voice Dead suns (partly anyways)?


I will like support for starfinder and PF1.

+1 for starfinder

With the announcement of Starfinder 2nd Edition yesterday, we announced that Starfinder NEXUS will support the playtest when it starts next year! :smiley:


+1 for starfinder. SF is what got me interested in the pathfinder system. My group has decided that once the Nexus support starfinder, we’re going to switch entirely from D&D.

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small part of me wishes we’d also get SF/PF 1st edition content on here, but having both 2nd editions on here will be fantastic!

With the announcement that it is intended to be 100% cross-compatible, will there be options to combine PF and SF on nexus for gameplay?


While we can’t talk definitely about this yet given that Starfinder 2e isn’t close to finalized, we definitely love the concept of cross-compatibility and plan to support it in whatever way makes the most sense.