Pathfinder Character Tool recommendations

Hello there,
I suppose you receive a large amount of requests for features, and you might not need yet another one, but I though I would create my own list of “nice-to-haves”. They are a combination of quality of life improvements, or possible features I think would help Nexus stand out from the competition. Presented in no particular order:

  • The “gradual ability boost” option
  • On top of the “show legacy content” toggle, the ability to choose which sources/books are enabled for that particular character, as decided by the GM, typically. While such options exist in the filters of certain options such as ancestry feats, having to select/unselect sources every step of the way isn’t practical.
  • Adding options for the different search boxes during character creation, on top of the current “search all” system. While it currently works fairly well, being able to search by trait/rarity/name would speed things up e.g. typing “Rare” in ancestries does not display on rare ancestries.
  • As above, but this time for excluding search terms, e.g. “not lineage” trait.
  • I understand the marketing/sales appeal of having an “unlock” button for sources not yet puchased, but it just gets in the way. I have spent a few hundred dollars on books I mostly already own physical copies of, and I assure you none a single dollar was spent because of that “unlock” button. Feature cool ancestries/backgrounds/classes on your front page at regular intervals, that’ll be more efficient.
  • An option to export to PDF. Some of our players like creating characters on tools like Pathbuilder and DnD Beyond, then print them for actual play. I respect that, though I enjoy electronic tools, and I definitely think pen and paper still has its place going forward. If you are going to enable this option, make it a standout feature that you can promote for new players: make it better than your competitors! You already have the best looking one in the browser, make it sexy on paper, too. For example, your competitors struggle with managing extra feats from Ancestry Paragon or Free Archetypes, so that’s an opporunity fopr you to do something better than them.
  • You’re probably bored of hearing about this, and there’s been some improvements recently, but the speed of the site is still a bit below expectations, in my opinion.
  • Adding a “purchase” item next to the “select” button (and rename that “add”) that will update the player’s coins.
  • In the Spells tab, it’d be useful to have a placeholder for unused spell slots, so a player can easily see they need to prepare more spells.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now, thank you for reading.
While itmay seem like I think there’s a lot wrong with the tool, I assure you that’s not the case at all. We will be using it for our new campaign in a few months. It’s already very god, and I think it has the potential to be truly great (and let’s be honest, it needs to be to compete with Pathbuilder’s 5$ price point.

Next: an encounter genertion tool, please :slight_smile:

Edit: Almost forgot… HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Thanks for the all of the suggestions, MichoBkk! I’ve passed along any that aren’t already on our list. Always appreciate when folks share with us what would put their Demiplane experience over the top. :heart:

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Seconding the request to be able to share only selected books with players!

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I second the whole list. A more diverse search option for anything searchable would be fantastic


I will add one more thing, maybe it is me, but the filter option scares me. I feel like I don’t know what I am changing when applying a filter. And the true or false thing, not sure what does what. I have to explore on that. Maybe their is a legend, or an explanation somewhere for all those choice you can make in the filter menu.

I have to explore, since I just sign in and create one character. But those are my thought so far.

Keep the good work on this, looks a great tools to add with my group.

And I don’t get how you can add equipment. For my first character I choose the starter pack, but I don’t see any list of equipment anywhere. I tried to do a second one and I don’t see how you can choose equipement other than the stater pack? That would be nice to be able to do it.