Pathfinder NEXUS Characters Tools Launch Version Update

Hello everyone!

It has been an incredible year for Demiplane. Once the foundations of the character tools piece of our platform materialized in May, we have released character builders and digital character sheets for five games in as many months, with the addition of refactoring the game we’ll spotlight today, the one that started it all for NEXUS…

We are pleased to share that Pathfinder NEXUS has launched out of Beta. Thank you for being a part of the beta journey - your support and feedback have allowed us to make some important updates and changes that bring all of the greatness of Pathfinder directly into your hands. Along with this major update, Demiplane is also delivering full Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster support across our Game Compendium, Digital Reader, and Character tools.

Along with Remaster support and legacy options, the Demiplane team is delivering 30+ new features as part of our launch:

  • Significant updates to speed and performance (with more underway),
  • Refreshed Character Sheet layout
  • Expand and collapse the top section to allow for the bottom section to use more space
  • Equipment and spell selection integrated into the Character Builder
  • Primary and offhand blocks in the sheet top section for faster reference
  • Multiple attack numbers surfaced on the sheet instead of being in a dropdown
  • Live updating of Conditions across the Character Sheet
  • Traits and rarity added throughout the Builder
  • Notes & Journaling integrated directly into the Character Sheet
  • A redesigned equipment and spell management layout
  • Detailed breakdowns of damage mechanics
  • …and much more!

As part of this launch, we’ve maintained all of your previously created Characters in our Beta system. We’re working on a plan to transition your beta characters into our newly launched system but do not have a timeline on that effort at this time. Beta characters will not benefit from the improvements above. If you are itching to take the new car out for a spin with one of your old characters, you’ll need to recreate that character in the meantime - but the good news is that process shouldn’t take you long at all!

Finally, following this launch (and our holiday break), the team is now hard at work with the next wave of requested Pathfinder 2e features: Familiars & Companions, Alchemy/Crafting, and PDF Exporting! Not only are those features core to some of the final class support (Alchemist, Witch, etc), but they open up all sort of fun, new character possibilities.

Once again, your feedback has been vital in bringing Pathfinder NEXUS to life! As always, please share and report any issues you encounter and our team will be on top of it.

I’ll end by reiterating that after a whirlwind year, the Demiplane team will be going quiet for a well-deserved holiday break starting Monday. All services will be monitored, all feedback tracked, and any bugs discovered and reported that block play will still be addressed as always. You just won’t see us as frequently in Discord, on social media, and lower-priority feedback will be addressed when we return from our break.

From our team at Demiplane, we wish you and yours the absolute best holiday season, and catch you on the flip side!


This looks awesome! For the extremely nerdy amongst us, is there a full list of the changes? I’m curious about the “And much more” you ended with and would love to know if there’s somewhere I could read them all.

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We’ve been more focused on getting the work done than on reporting it, but we should have something up in the next few days.



Hello Adam & team,

Went to make a new character and can not select a fighter feat at 1st level when making character with the new character builder/sheet.

We just rolled out a fix for this a moment ago, so it might not have updated in your instance of the builder yet. Could you try refreshing and see if that puts the fix in place for you? :slight_smile:

Hello Josh,

Yes the fix worked, thank you guys :slight_smile:


This is legit pretty lovely.
Addition of Equipment and Spells to the character builder will make life as a Dad DM much easier. ty.


A big thanks for the refactor and updates. Greatly looking forward to future improvements and being able to share this with my friends this holiday season!

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Looking :fire:, can’t wait to play with the new sheet tonight!

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I like the progress here with the character tool, I like the additions to the tool, but the equipment section still needs a bit of work. It only gave me the option to get the basic selection of suggested gear on char build, nothing I really could get specific with. Also with a fresh character it’s nice that you gave the starting wealth for that differing level chars for the info area, but when I add the 450 for a level 6 it went away when I clicked the suggested gear, and I was unable to add it back unless I went to the character screen.

When building weapons for potency runes/striking runes or Armor for runes they should have a cost associated with them when building so that they take away gold unless it’s given for free. If anything it should have the choice to show the normal cost so you could deduct it afterwards.

I would say fresh characters should have whatever level they select in the beginning area as the default gold once you get to the equipment page or at least have it as an option. Basically I love the addition of equipment/spells but it needs to be a bit more functional.

Spells looks good at the moment. The next area I would look into is having some sort of format/method of exporting character sheets to VTTs

Thanks for the feedback. Currently, the only thing implemented in the builder is the starting equipment available to you from your class kit. Everything else should be done in the character sheet, and we do have plans to make equipment management in the sheet even better. :slight_smile:

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Warpriest is missing expert fortitude

I’m not sure what you mean by this, the only doctrine for Warpriest that touches Fortitude saves is the fifth doctrine, which increases them to Master.

It is in the First doctrine.

I totally missed that. We’ll take a look at it!

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Thank you! Also, the Deadly simplicity is not calculating for deities with simple weapons.

We’ll take a look at that while we’re looking at the Fortitude Saves. :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to delete extra bags in inventory? I looked everywhere and can’t find a way

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Not currently, but we’re working on it. :slight_smile:


Okay, just wanted to be sure I didn’t miss it. Thanks!