Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for workshopping the copy in that callout box…there was much deliberation when we were trying to get it out. :smirk:

We’ve updated it to hopefully be clearer:

CONNECT YOUR PAIZO ACCOUNT to unlock the PDF on for any book you purchase on Pathfinder NEXUS, or to get a discount on the Pathfinder NEXUS version for any PDFs you already own on!

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Thanks for your reply! It is good to know we won’t have to double purchase books, and hopefully the packs of content for the character creator aren’t too pricey, or maybe get tied to the subscription as a perk, but obviously we are still in Alpha days.

Hey, I want to buy some books, but the country option of Philippines is not available. please make it available

Hi there!

The list of countries that you see are the options that our payment provider supports by default, however, you should be able to checkout by selecting any country. Try checking out with any country and it should work. :slight_smile:

Will we need to buy and own the digital books on here to be able to use the content for the character creation tool here like D&Dbeyond or will the options be free to use like all the pathfinder rules and character options are free to use like on pathbuilder or archives of nethys?

Hi @serrassi, I’m sending you the forum where this question was answered by the devs Paid character options - #4 by BadEye hope this helps.

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thank you. that seemed to answered my question.

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I purchased the Pathfinder core rulebook and it was working fine for a while, but now when I am navigating the document on Nexus it will kick me back to the beginning of the document. For example, if I use the navigation icon in the bottom left and search for spells, then select a section of the spells chapter. When I go to that section it will reset back to the beginning of the book. Does anyone have this issue and have you found a way to resolve it?

Do you happen to be using the “My Library” drawer to read the content? It would be the “books on a shelf” icon in the top nav bar to the right.

If so, this is a known issue - that Early Access feature is a work in progress, so the reading experience will be inconsistent. We hope to polish that up in the next few weeks.

For better results in the meantime, visit the ‘Sources’ menu to access the Digital Reader for each NEXUS. (Example:

If you’re already using the Digital Reader proper from the Sources page, please let us know, because it should be working consistently.


You only really get one chance to make a first impression, and discovering that I’ll need to pay for the content I already own again is enough to put me off. If you truly are partnered with Paizo then it’s surprising to me that content I own and have purchased through them is walled off here. I won’t be using this service, and I’ll recommend that others don’t use it either.

You don’t own the content. Owning the PDF is not owning the content. You own the PDF which gives you access to the information. If the informational content from the PDF is all you want, just stick to that, nobody is gonna force you to pay for accessing Demiplane functions. And that’s all I’m gonna say this time cause this has already been discussed multiple times.


Multiple times you say? Yeah, sure. It is the customers who are wrong. I wish you luck with your business

The information is avilable here as it is in AoN, as in you can consult any strictly non-lore information (spells, classes, ancestries and heritages, archetypes, rules, items etc.) as much as you want.
What the price attached to the content here gives you is acces to it through the additional tools that are being developed, like the character builder currently in Alpha testing, which entail quite a lot of work.

If you do not find these upcoming funtionality options worth to you, you are free to ignore Demiplane and the Nexus, it is in your right and there’s nothing wrong with it.

No one here is telling you you are wrong. What @deltaarena and others (me including) are pointing out is the logic behind the pricetag. You are free to decide if it is worth to you or not, that’s the long and short of it.


Yes, I’m aware. You have both pointed out to me that I am not forced to buy the product after I already said I wasn’t going to anyway, as I didn’t think it was worth it in the slightest for the cost. An opinion I am apparently not alone in holding.

You, in turn, are free to continue pointing out the logic behind the pricing structure to potential customers. I believe the fact you have to do that at all is perhaps a red flag, but your apparent refusal to accept feedback, and instead tell people to just “ignore Demiplane and the Nexus” leads me to believe you at least have some business strategy which isn’t apparent to me.

I will happily take your advice and forget this place, but that is a little hard to do when you email me. Honestly, take some advice. Stop and question whether this is the relationship you really want to foster with your user base? If people are telling you there’s a problem, perhaps there’s a problem. No?

Hello @red_bobcat - I’m not sure who you are referring to with the last post, but I want to clarify that no one on the staff here at Demiplane has given any advice to forget anything, emailed you (unless it was an automated notification of a new post you received from our Forums provider), or have attempted to foster anything other than a welcoming atmosphere for our userbase. The replies immediately preceding mine were not posted by the staff, and I wanted to make sure that is apparent.

Regarding your original feedback, thank you for sharing it, and I hope that at some point down the road you can check out what we are doing with NEXUS once we have fully launched and assess whether it is valuable to you and your group at that time.


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I suppose I do mean the automated notifications. And I too hope to return and find something here for my play group. Like I say however, the current model of having to rebuy books we already own is just a feel bad. Regardless of what work has gone into making them compatible. Especially at the prices listed, even with the discount. Reframe what people are paying for and you’ll have more interest. People will pay for something new you are providing them, but currently it comes across as having to rebuy something they already have.

Your feedback is noted.

We are committed to providing a great experience at the lowest possible cost - if the realities around how our licensing agreement works ever change, we’ll make updates.

With the response we are already seeing in Early Access, we believe what we’re building will provide worthwhile value for many fans, and we’re excited to be getting closer to that milestone.



You’re buying a different format. Like you have to pay separately for a physical copy & a pdf. Execpt that if you buy here, they give you the pdf too. The value for me is the reformatting to make it actually readable on mobile devices. Paizo pdf’s just aren’t. I’m also lucky I’m that I don’t/didn’t have many of the PDFs until I started buying them on here. Try out buying on here first to get the most value from DP.


Well that’s a little hard to do as I already own the books I want. Which is exactly my point. I already own the PDFs so the value for me would only be in the reformatting and the like. To which, the price seems incredibly steep. Take the Beastiary for instance. The price is $34.99, down to $19.99 as I already own it. Implying that the value of the contents of the book is less than half the price at $15. Do I really think the additional work that’s been done is worth more than half the price of the book? No.

As an existing player I’m not likely to repurchase books I already own, and if I did I’d feel incredibly hard done by at these prices. Thusly I’m disincentivized to buy anything new here, as I’d be buying only additional content without access to the rest of my library. This feels unfriendly to existing players, and it just doesn’t make sense.

And yes, as a few of you have said. No one is forcing me, and if I don’t like it then I don’t have to buy it. To which I say, correct.

I’ve basically said all I can. I feel like my very first post summed up my thoughts. You don’t have to keep trying to convince me, but it has been a pleasure talking to you all

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Thank you for taking the time to come and share your feedback. :slight_smile: