Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

The only timeframe we can share at this time is “before the end of the year” - but we’ll keep everyone posted!

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We aren’t ready to share those details yet, but we’ll keep everyone posted!

So i synced my paizo account to demiplane an i only have the discount on Corebook an BESTIARY an none of the other an i have every Pathfinder 2e book released so far

Thanks for reaching out!
We’ll have to take a look at what the Paizo API is sending for your account. Please submit a Support Ticket ( where we can give you assistance.

How will homebrew be handled? Is that a planned feature for later? Will we be able to post our own homebrew on the site?


I’ve purchased PF2E special edition physical books through, however, I do not see the discount being reflected in your platforms store.

Is there any factors that would discriminate between: Special Edition Books, Regular Edition Books, and Digital Books? Or has the system not been set up yet to recognize the purchase of physical materials yet.

Thank you for allowing for a robust Q&A forum, I was excited when I saw responses (versus my experience from other game forums).


Hello, Jason!
Thank you for reaching out and pointing that out! We’ve noticed that there seems to be something different in the way things are coming through for the special editions, but we’re working with Paizo to resolve it!


Just for the record, my biggest interest is also being able to share my purchased books with the players in my game. I look forward to when you do have info to share on several of the topics above.

Looking in the available books to purchase, I don’t see any of the Lost Omens books. Are they coming at some point? Lost Omens Ancestry Guide and Lost Omens The Grand Bazaar are going to be biggies for my group.

Thanks for all the info, eager to see things as the product develops.


Where can we stay up to date on this?

So, I am trying to get an overview on what this is really about.

My question is: How would it support GMs, and Offline play?

  • Will there be GMing tools for content creation, like for example…a Monster Builder? Magic Item Builder?
  • Will there be initiative / combat tracking for GMs when playing offline at a table?
  • Will a GM be able to invite players to their offline campaign and share content for character building with their players?

More general: Can it replace tools like HeroLab? And be some “dndbeyond equivalent” for Pathfinder 2E?




You can keep up to date by following Demiplane here on our forums, on social media, or by jumping into our Discord community: demiplane . We’ll have updates posted across all of them!

The books available for preorder right now are just a start! We will ultimately be making all of the other Pathfinder 2e books available during the early release phase, including Lost Omens. We’re really excited about those books as well. As soon as we can announce, you’ll see something up in our forums and on social, so definitely follow us there to see more! Thanks!

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Is there a plan to show what any of the actual books might look like in the digital reader, or how they will be more interactive that just a scrolling webpage? The Primer doesn’t seem to really have much beyond chapters and a few links here and there. I’d love to see some sample of what the actual book experience is going to be like before paying for content I’ve paid for multiple times on other platforms.

You will be able to see what the digital reader experience will be in the Pathfinder Primer as new updates come to Early Access - this includes tooltipped links that open the relevant content in a sidebar and eventually annotations (similar to commenting in a Google Doc).

If you aren’t ready to make that choice to pre-order now, I encourage you to keep an eye out for how the digital reader (and the other upcoming features like compendium listings and character management) evolve over the course of Early Access.


I was really excited as I am just starting to learn all about PF as I’m transitioning over to PF from D&D, but then saw that you currently don’t plan on having a VTT, which is the one thing I need. It’s the same reason I don’t bother with D&D Beyond. For many people it would be a massive draw but looks like I may have to stick with using Roll20.

@aftermathuk Not to advertise something else, but have you looked at Foundry VTT?

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Hello @aftermathuk - we appreciate the feedback.

A VTT is not currently planned for Pathfinder Nexus, but in our mission to make games better, we will never say never for any feature that accomplishes that.

At present, we see potential integration with existing virtual tabletops to be a good path, but we will continually re-assess that approach based on community feedback.


Foundry is a great VTT - if you are looking for maps, tokens, and more, that is a valid option indeed.

If I wrote a THIRD PARTY Pathfinder 2e product; will Pathfinder Nexus support it?
for example; The TOME of PSIONICS

I’d like tyo add that I would like to see you guys create your own VTT here as well!! Thats a HUGE thing to take on but as the tech gets more and more then you would be the freshest in town, so to speak. I’ve tried them all and they all lack one thing or another and it would be nice to see it done right, out of the gate :slight_smile:

On Roll20 myself