Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have current plans to create a VTT, but we also know to never say never…we’ll see where we end up on the quest of adding as much convenience as we can to the game.

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I will leave my opinion on this: I think one of the biggest mistakes of D&D beyond is not having made a VTT.

It’s particularly a personal disappointment I have about it to this day. I settled for using the Roll D20. But the fact that adventure modules are extremely expensive is something that keeps me from shopping. I bought one: The Curse of Stradh. It is wonderful. There’s nothing better than running an adventure and already having the maps and tokens prepared. But price is a limiter.

So I don’t buy ready-made D&D adventures because of that. They are losing money and I am not having fun GMing. Why am I going to spend money on a paper book to master online? Or pay for a PDF to take the trouble to manually transcribe maps, notes and tokens to the Roll d20 to make the game there. I would do that when I was 15… Now at 47 it doesn’t make sense anymore. Too much work, too much time wasted.

In recent years I have discovered pathfinder 2. Personally I find it far superior to D&D5. But there are many more rules and tables. Tables. I don’t know what tables are anymore. I’ve gotten used to the D&D5’s simple resolution system and that’s a downside.

I was waiting for something like the Pathfinder Nexus to start GMing. I was very excited about the announcement. I would have already done some shopping. But you haven’t released international access yet.

So for now I’ll reread the rules while I wait.

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my coworker i play with made a comment to me after bein on a crusader to convert all my 5e coworkers to Pf2e i was like no i am an inquisitor

I sure hope content sharing is similar to DNDB.
I’ll be all in on that notice.

for a VTT like experience with DNDBeyond, look into the browser add-on called ABOVEVTT
It is just awesome, and functions right inside the same tab, with easy character sheet access. Purchased module maps are right at your finger tips. Fog of War is super easy to use, initiative tracker, dice rollers, everything.
ABOVEVTT add-on for chrome or fire fox.

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Thanks for sending me this bullionsmash. It’s really cool. That’s what the Beyond lacked. I was playing using roll d20, the beyond 20 addon and the D&D beyond. But this is much better as it allows me to buy an adventure in D&D Beyond and already import everything into the VTT. And much simpler to operate than the Roll d20. I have to test it now.

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Will this product be accessible and work with assistive technologies form launch?

Are you going to make “Starfinder Nexus” in the near future?

Thanks for asking! We have the license for Starfinder, but we have not announced any other details at this time. We would love to make a Starfinder Nexus happen, but that will depend on community demand and how we can fit it into our roadmap in the future.


Accessibility is a priority for us, but we also know that doesn’t mean we will be able to get it 100% where it needs to be right away. We appreciate your patience and feedback as we work to make Pathfinder more accessible than it’s ever been before.

If I may be so bold to ask, as someone who has ether never played the game or if I have I have no memory of it, what will you be offering new players? As well will you in any way be making a digital character builder like DND Beyond has?


The digital reader and game compendium, plus things like tooltips, will be a great resource for established players, but will also make it easier for new players to start out on their Pathfinder journey! Also, Pathfinder Nexus will have a character builder for character creation, as well as a fully interactive character sheet that will be great for getting started with the game. Great question!


For those of us outside North America, a couple of questions not in the FAQ:

  • It seems only US and Canadian residents can pre-order books at present. Will pre-orders and early access be available more widely? (I’m in Australia.)

  • Will all prices always be in USD? (I expect yes, but it never hurts to ask!)

Thanks for your time; looking forward to mucking around with the Nexus!

We will be adding international payment support soon and will make an announcement in the forums, on our discord, and on social as soon as it becomes available. For the foreseeable future, prices will be in USD, but if anything changes there we will be sure to post updates as well. Thanks for asking!

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if that is the case might I advise you don’t put a limit on character creation? Not everyone has the money for a subscription so a limitless character creator that’s free could be your greatest boon.


This cannot come soon enough for me. My iPhone 11 Pro likes to reload the web browser depending on RAM needs and I often come back to have lost my place as the website either logs me on again or reloads the website and I’m back to the first page.

Or the digital reader automatically saving the page we are on so we can come back to where we were at any time would also work.

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Is there going to be an encounter builder? I’ve forgotten how wonderful a good encounter builder is. Even if it doesn’t have combat tracking added in I’d love to just be able to have my encounters pre-build and with easy access to the creatures within it, especially if I can categorize those combats into certain sections or categories, kinda like a folder system.

Encounter management is currently in the “on deck” category of the roadmap, after we deliver character management and fully launch. Roadmap priorities can change along the way, but yes, I can confirm it is planned. Thanks!


Thank you, is the roadmap available for us to see anywhere?

Not at this time, but that is something we will take a look at doing once we launch.

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