Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a bit late but if you’re looking for something similar for Pathfinder 2, you could give Foundry VTT a try.
There is a free module called “PdfToFoundry” that imports the Bestiaries and official adventure modules into the VTT.

If you don’t feel like hosting the game yourself you can always use the Forge or Molten Hosting for ~5$ / month, similar to Roll20.

I may have missed if this has been asked, but what, if any, optional rules will be toggleable in the character creator (i.e. Free archetype)?

We will need to focus on making sure the core rules are the priority initially, but we will incorporate optional rules in order of their popularity and community demand. The optional Free Archetype is so popular that I don’t see us launching without that capability. We’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks!


I also have this question!

Sorry if any of this has been asked before… Lot of posts to sort thru.

Anyways, I am very interested in this but one thing I have a problem with is the lack of a VTT and having to buy my books yet again. What I mean is, if I use a VTT, like Fantasy Grounds, I have to buy my books again, from them, though at a discount. Now, if I wanted to use the Pathfinder Nexus as well, for like, Character building, homebrewing stuff, etc., then I have to buy the same books a third time.

Perhaps a further discount could be applied for people that had to purchase the books for a VTT? Or perhaps you could partner with a VTT?

Now for my next question… How similar is the Pathfinder Nexus to Herolab “Classic” and Herolab Online?

Things I loved about HL Classic was the character creator, homebrew custom file you could save where you could make your own classes, races, items, etc., and, HL Classic’s ability to port your character to a VTT system, like Fantasy Grounds. This allowed you to create your character, or monsters in HL, and import them into the VTT, so you didn’t have to re-enter all of the same info again, into the VTT.

When moved to the HL Online, they discarded a lot of this stuff, and lost me as a customer. Will the Nexus have any of these features?


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So, am I correct, if I bought the source books digitally on HeroLab Online, I will have to buy them AGAIN on Nexus? I saw the post about the “deep discount” but for a player like me that plays several different rulesets, this seems like a waste to me. I purchased the digital sources for HLO as I thought that was the “official” app by Paizo and now there is a new “official app” that I have to spend more money on. Not super happy about that. And yes, I did sync my Paizo account but at $30 a book, that adds up.

Herolab was never a official Paizo application. No one is forcing you to buy to play the game if Herolab is best for you then fine.

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Thanks for the post. I understand the frustration, and while I can’t speak to what has happened with other Paizo partners, I can share that we are excited to bring together character management, digital reading, game compendium, game discovery, and video playspace tools in one platform for Pathfinder fans. Once we launch Pathfinder Nexus, you can make the call about whether it is the right thing for your group.

And to clarify, if you connect your Paizo account and have already purchased a book there, you get 33% off on Nexus, so for the rulebooks that are available now, that is $19.99 (not $30). We appreciate the interest - thanks!


We do not currently have plans to create a VTT, but we are exploring opportunities to partner or integrate with some of the many existing VTTs down the road. That stance can always change as we assess community demand, but that is where we currently are.

Regarding the character builder features you mention, I can share that homebrew will definitely be covered in Pathfinder Nexus, but we’re not ready to share any further details yet - we’ll keep everyone posted when we’re ready to do so. Thanks!


i also use herolab an i was only usin it since it was the simplest thing to character build so i have everything there but i have high hopes for this so my group can change to it


Please strongly consider Foundry VTT. By far right now the most active and engaged Pathfinder 2e Community.

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I’m very aware - they are 100% on the list for consideration.


Please note there are games for PF II on Roll20 as well… :slight_smile:



International preorder is possible now. I’ve preordered the core rulebook from germany a few days ago.

Personally I prefer D&D beyond / Nexus to not have an own VTT they concentrate their support on.

I have used D&D Beyond and will use PF Nexus primarily for my pen & paper table rounds and use FantasyGrounds as my preferred VTT system. There is a large Pathfinder Foundry VTT fanbase as well, so I think that it’s best to support a modular approach with corresponding API’s to exchange data between Nexus and different VTT systems and to concentrate on making Nexus the best in the currently outlined roadmap as a library, character- and maybe encounter manager.

But I’m absolutely with you regarding the pricing policy of roll20!

Oh and btw. international pre order is possible now, I’ve bought the Core Rulebook a few days ago from germany.



Things I require in order to make use of this:

  • I have to be able to make changes to the base rule elements

  • I have to be able to pick and choose which rule elements my players have access to (not just which books)

  • I have to be able to share my PDFs with my players.

  • dice roller built into the character sheet would be nice, but not required.

I’ve made a bunch of changes to the system’s rules and removed a bunch of feats that don’t work for me/my table, so without full control over the system this wouldn’t be for me unfortunately.

As GM I budget and front most of the costs for my gaming group to play Pathfinder 2E, from Pathfinder Nexus, to Roll 20, and also to Hero Lab Online(For now since it has character creation and combat management / tracking as well as some other awesome features like setting up scenes). Roll 20 and Hero Lab Online let me share content with players. I know DnD Beyond lets players join the GM’s campaign and have access to the GM’s purchased content(my DnD 5E group does this). Will that be the same for my players? Can they search the compendium with all of the content I have purchased because they are part of my campaign as well as the other features inside of Nexus?

I really hope so, otherwise I feel like my players won’t be able to use this tool due to the cost investment.


Great question! We’ll share more specifics about content sharing when we’re ready, but it’s definitely something we plan to include.


Ok awesome thank you for getting back to me on this.

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With the announcement of Foundry VTT partnership with Paizo will we see official integration between Foundry and Nexus?