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I already own some of the books (physical copies) but I have not bought these books from either Paizo or a directly affiliated store. Instead I bought them at just my local game store.
Is there anyway to still get a digital copy? (This has probably be asked before but I couldn’t find it)

Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately, we can only provide the discount if you have the PDFs through, as we don’t have the system traceability otherwise. If you decide to take the plunge on digital, keep in mind that purchasing the Pathfinder NEXUS version of any content includes the ability to download a PDF for that content on if you connect your accounts.


An answer as unfortunate as it is predictable.
Thank you for the fast reply.

Just to clarify about purchasing content here or through the Paizo site when synced. Are all of these things correct?

  • If I buy a physical book at Paizo it automatically unlocks the digital content here on DP.
  • If I buy the digital content here it unlocks the pdf to download from Paizo.
  • If I buy only the PDF from Paizo, a discount is applied for the digital content on DP.
  • Buying a physical book on Paizo, though it would unlock content on DP, would not unlock the pdf to download from either place.


Hi Kevtron,
Buying the physical book at Paizo will NOT get you the digital content on DP.
Yes, you will get the pdf at Paizo if you buy the content on DP.
Yes, if you have the pdf at Paizo you will get a discount on DP.
Buying a physical book on Paizo will NOT unlock a pdf at Paizo nor the digital content on DP. Certain Paizo subscriptions will get you both the physical book and the pdf at Paizo, in which case you will get a discount on DP once you have the pdf.

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Ok got it. I guess I was confused on:

CONNECT YOUR PAIZO ACCOUNT to unlock the PDF for any book you purchase on

Reading your replies I now think I understand that this means: “Unlock the pdf over on Paizo for any digital purchase you make on DP”.

Thanks for clarification.

Yes, that phrasing is a bit confusing but you got it right with your rewording.

Thanks for workshopping the copy in that callout box…there was much deliberation when we were trying to get it out. :smirk:

We’ve updated it to hopefully be clearer:

CONNECT YOUR PAIZO ACCOUNT to unlock the PDF on for any book you purchase on Pathfinder NEXUS, or to get a discount on the Pathfinder NEXUS version for any PDFs you already own on!

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Thanks for your reply! It is good to know we won’t have to double purchase books, and hopefully the packs of content for the character creator aren’t too pricey, or maybe get tied to the subscription as a perk, but obviously we are still in Alpha days.

Hey, I want to buy some books, but the country option of Philippines is not available. please make it available

Hi there!

The list of countries that you see are the options that our payment provider supports by default, however, you should be able to checkout by selecting any country. Try checking out with any country and it should work. :slight_smile:

Will we need to buy and own the digital books on here to be able to use the content for the character creation tool here like D&Dbeyond or will the options be free to use like all the pathfinder rules and character options are free to use like on pathbuilder or archives of nethys?

Hi @serrassi, I’m sending you the forum where this question was answered by the devs Paid character options - #4 by BadEye hope this helps.

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thank you. that seemed to answered my question.

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I purchased the Pathfinder core rulebook and it was working fine for a while, but now when I am navigating the document on Nexus it will kick me back to the beginning of the document. For example, if I use the navigation icon in the bottom left and search for spells, then select a section of the spells chapter. When I go to that section it will reset back to the beginning of the book. Does anyone have this issue and have you found a way to resolve it?

Do you happen to be using the “My Library” drawer to read the content? It would be the “books on a shelf” icon in the top nav bar to the right.

If so, this is a known issue - that Early Access feature is a work in progress, so the reading experience will be inconsistent. We hope to polish that up in the next few weeks.

For better results in the meantime, visit the ‘Sources’ menu to access the Digital Reader for each NEXUS. (Example:

If you’re already using the Digital Reader proper from the Sources page, please let us know, because it should be working consistently.