Pathfinder Nexus Frequently Asked Questions

Will the dice rolls from the character sheets show up in the Adventure Portal chat?

That is on the roadmap for once character tools are integrated with groups. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response! Is there a targeted timeline available I could review for when integration (or other features) will be completed?

We don’t have a posted roadmap or timeline anywhere, since software development can often be an unpredictable process, we find that tends to lead to heartache and frustration for everyone involved. :slight_smile:

You can keep an eye out for our Dev Update posts, which are copied over from our Dev Update streams on Tuesdays at 9am Pacific on Twitch. Those updates often share what we’re currently working on and what’s “on deck”, so you’ll have an idea of what things are on our short-term roadmap.

How about a road map of when people who have special edition and are linked will see the “discounts”?

That is a limitation of Paizo Connect API, which we unfortunately don’t manage. However, if you send us a support ticket, we can make sure you get that discount.

Thanks again for the reply. Follow up question just to make sure I’m not missing this function. Is there a way that I, as the gm, can get access to my group’s character sheets? Currently they’ve shared them with me but that doesn’t allow editing. Thanks!

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Not yet - but that is on the roadmap. We plan to add the ability for you to give permissions for certain people to edit your character sheet (much like how Google document sharing works).

In the meantime, if you want to edit a player’s sheet, you will need to save a copy to your account, make whatever changes you want, and then share it back with them for them to save and use.

Are there plans to create optionally purchasing single spells/feats/ancestries that are in other books? Its not a great feeling to try and build your character using the Pathfinder Nexus only to realize 1 spell or 1 feat is from a book similar to what they did with DnD beyond?

Yes, we plan to add piecemeal purchasing in the future. :slight_smile:

Is there a way for me to purchase the bundles without getting the pre-order items? As a paizo subscriber I get all of the pdfs for free which then gets me the discounts. I know I’m probably being a bit nitpicky here but just something I thought I’d ask.

If you send us a support ticket, I’ll see what we can do to help with that:

Hello, I’m curious if there are ways to create custom elements on the character sheet. Specifically, I’m wondering about creating a custom background. I searched around, but couldn’t find anything relevant. Thank you!

Hello TheyMightBeReno, welcome to Demiplane!

Homebrew (which refers to custom content for tabletop games) is currently in development. We’ll share more details as we get closer to releasing those tools into the wild.

Great, thanks for letting me know!